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Workouts for wisdom: Knowledge over Power


I use to know this guy who went to the gym twice a day for a few hours at a time. I wish I had that kind of motivation — or do I? It seems everyone is focused on the “outward” appearance.

Speaking from my own experience when I post a quote online with just text versus with a picture, the picture gets WAY more attention. (Free #Businessadvice you’re welcome!)

But, hasn’t anyone figured out that the CEOs, Celebrities, all the people they want to be like didn’t get where they are over night? At least, for some of the people I look up to like Sara Blakely and Lori Greiner.

They worked their butt off to learn, develop skills, and figure out how to apply them — most all without the help of the Internet! Can you imagine not being able to just “Google” the answer? Continue reading Workouts for wisdom: Knowledge over Power

Motivation: Men VS Women



I thought about what you said to me the other night, “I think you have given out enough advice lately.” I had no response because I knew he was right. I sat quietly and finished dinner as if the comment didn’t phase me, but secretly I was crying inside.

I told myself, “You screwed up again.” “I thought you were going to stop telling him what to do and giving him so much advice.”

Even a guy friend of mine told me a loooooong time ago, “the way you win him over is to just make him think everything is his idea like he gave it to you already.” I have to say this actually works to some extent.

But, I hate this feeling inside and wanted Continue reading Motivation: Men VS Women

Write with NO expectations and just HIT freakin SEND


I think I write so much, I forget to actually write. It is so paralyzing to not be able to put the words on paper. I feel like I have so much to say, but no one will care. I have read so much about how to write and how to market what I write — BUT I NEVER WRITE!

I sit here day after day getting ready, telling myself today is the day. You are going to post an article that goes viral! You are going to finally start writing that book you have been preparing for.

Today becomes yesterday, then last week, then tomorrow.

Continue reading Write with NO expectations and just HIT freakin SEND