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My Story

I use to say one day I am going to quit my job and do something with all of my talent being wasted away. And, one day I woke up tired of sitting behind a desk drinking the Corporate Kool-Aid. It was at that time in my life I decided there will never be a perfect time to do it, the time was now or never.

I’m Brandi, a perpetual traveler, RV’er, EX Corporate America Kool-Aid drinker, and modern day documentarian. For the past several years, I have been exploring the entrepreneur world while traveling, creating memories, connections, and businesses along the way.

I’ve learned quite a bit since starting my entrepreneurial journey and love sharing everything with other like minded digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and RV’ers! I took my life from desk to destinations, along the way I share unconventional strategies and stories about work, life, and travel.

This is the home of my discoveries and adventures all depicting the unscripted tale of how I decided there must be more to life and traded in my everyday corporate gig to satisfy my wear-out-your-shoes sense of adventure.

My Dad told me to make money, go to college, and work while my Mom just gave her love and support.


So, I grew up (Minus the tears)


And, became a cosmetologist


Then my Dad told me, cosmetologist all live in trailers


So, I went back to school, got a big corporate job, made a bunch of money, and bought a fancy car


I watched what was going on in corporate America and kept telling myself, "Something doesn't taste right, this isn't the story I had planned for MY LIFE."


I started to formulate ideas and noticed the corporate Kool-Aid drinkers had no intentions of "working" especially "as a team"


I heard enough of the lies Corporate America told, so I kicked over the corporate Kool-Aid


I ran off to be an entrepreneur, and started a few businesses of my own


Now, I am a writer, read a lot while vlogging, and teaching others how to build their dreams with whom they love along the way.


The funny thing is I decided the "Trailer Life" wasn't that bad after all and love traveling in my RV