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I have been wanting to write something all day. With all of this Hurricane Hermine chaos I lost my way. Oh what a sleepless night. I have been so irritable..

But, I promised myself I would write something just to teach myself discipline. I promised I would start doing instead of saying I was going to do.

The Lesson I Learned Today

Tonight was so hectic. I was up all night intermittent electricity all though I can’t say being hunkered down at a 5 star resort during a hurricane with room service is a bad thing. 🙂

But, I can say I have been so irritable with little sleep and the a/c coming on and off. (FYI They put motion sensors on the doors and rooms sooooooo if you happen to not close a door or leave the room or GO TO SLEEP the a/c cuts off) And, little food today since I slept after being up all night.

So, the lesson to take away from my day is “if you go around telling everyone else they are the problem…. then more than likely you may be the problem…

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