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How to make Side Money and Why I Quit My Job

The past several years has been such an exciting adventure. There have been ups and downs, but all a huge learning process. The journey I’ve been on since I decided to start chasing my dreams for once, all started back when I called out of work.

I remember leaving work to start working on my website and then one night I came across a webinar that taught you how to make money online. It was free and I learned some valuable skills.

This one decision changed my life forever. 

I never could have imagined my friends and family would get in on the action, or that my luxury condo would turn into a warehouse. I hope you all find some humor and encouragement to follow your dreams.

The FULL Series includes:

Part 1:

How to make Side Money & Why I quit my Job

Part 2:

How to Make Money from Home

Part 3:

What to Sell Online & Where to Buy Items to Resell

Part 4:

How to Price Items Online – Competition Based Pricing (Amazon vs eBay)