The Ultimate Blueprint for Being Your Own Boss

Develop the skills you need for being your own boss with the tips, tricks and hacks in this Ultimate BOSS BLUEPRINT. Learn why you don't need a job to live like a Boss!

  • How I financed my entire life for a year buying Bitcoins and shopping at Goodwill
  • The perfect formula for getting organized, eliminating, automating and outsourcing your life for $5 USD.
  • Tools & Tricks to help you live like a diplomat or millionaire without actually being one. 
  • ALL the secrets to traveling more, spending less and have more time to be with friends and family. 
  • Bonus: Get real world templates you can copy for eliminating email and accomplishing day to day task in 50% of the time
  • Answer the BIG Question: What exactly do you want out of work and life? 
  • Simple strategies to help you decide What, How and Where to make your next move.

About the Author

Brandi is a new media triple threat: YouTuber, author, and keynote speaker. After going to college and climbing the ranks of the Corporate Ladder Brandi’s inner entrepreneur spirit couldn’t be contained any longer. She knew it wasn’t her story and was tired of no one listening to her ideas. She traded in her day job at Merrill Lynch, one of the world's largest financial institutions, and started selling everything she owned except for a laptop, suitcase and her dogs.  

Known for being an infamous quitter and cheater Brandi likes to work smarter not harder finding unconventional ways to accomplish the everyday conventional tasks of life. She left corporate america taking her life from desks to destinations. Brandi started a journey which all began by shopping at Goodwill and selling those items online for cash -- during her lunch breaks. She went from trading stocks to trading socks and toys for BIG bucks. Discovering she was onto something she pushed the limits further selling her entire life, automating her business, and taking it on the road.  

Along the way, Brandi became an authority in digital marketing consulting. Her passion for business led her to the doorsteps of Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and the list keeps growing. After a decade of execution, consulting and continuing to share her life and advice via YouTube, Brandi is now sharing all her secrets for how to get organized, eliminate, automate and outsource life in her new book Boss Life - The Ultimate Blueprint for Being Your Own Boss and Creating A Life You Love!  

What's Inside:

Section #1 - The Corporate Kool-Aid Detox

  • Getting in the right mindset
  • Discover What you really want
  • Multiple Streams of Money
  • Resetting Life: Audit & Analyze

Section #2 - How to operate simple, fast, cheap, and more efficiently!

  • Getting Organized (life & business)
  • Eliminate Non Essentials
  • Automating & Outsourcing  

Section #3 - Hacking Life: Life Hacks for Saving time & money

  • Business Hacks
  • Life Hacks
  • Travel Hacks

Section #4 - How to Start your Next Big Idea: Before, During, & After

  • Before You Start:
  • Decide What, How, & Where
  • After You Start…

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