What is included in the Bitcoin BluePrint ?

Step By Step LIVE Workshop!De

PART #1 - Where & How To Buy Bitcoins

Cash or Credit Cards Are accepted. I will teach you the best places to buy with the smallest amount of fees so you get the most for your investment.  

PART #2 - Bitcoin Conversion & Calculators 

Learn How To Calculate The BTC Exchange Rate and best converters to use for the most accurate calculations on your hard earned money!span style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"> <

PART #3 - How To Create a BTC Wallet Online  

I'm teaching you the best ways to stay safe in this unknown new territory. Showing you Where to store your Bitcoins for safe keeping and how to encrypt your account. 

PART #4 - What you Can Buy With Bitcoins? 

Learn How to take advantage the crypto market and make money trading your Bitcoins for groceries, cars, hotels, bills and so much more... 

Plus Extra BONUSES!


We created an exclusive Facebook Group for all of the members in this program to support you on your Bitcoin journey!


We created checklists and cheatsheets to help get you started so you know exactly which step to take and win. These are my FAIL PROOF FORMULAS 


This is a special bonus section that will cover everything you need to know in order to get started. Including all of the tools and resources we use to buy, sell and trade on. This will help you know where to go for what. 


Workshop will be held on: 

Saturday December 9th, 2017 @ 1PM EST

Email will be sent out with more details closer to date!


About Brandi

Brandi has worked for some of the largest investment firms in the industry. She took her skills to Wall Street and went from trading millions to billions with the push of a button. Now she is teaching all her secrets for how to invest and win by taking advantages of market inefficiencies she learned working with the Wolves on Wall Street!