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Customer Relations – How To Improve Customer Service Skills

In this video I’m going to teach you a few customer service training ideas to help develop a system for how to handle customer complaints, questions and feedback. This is a quick and easy tutorial for How to improve customer service. As long as a customer feels important and like their thoughts have been heard they tend to excuse any issues they may have had with a product or service.

Customer Service is a skill anyone who is going to work in customer relations must have. These are a few customer service tips for how to improve customer service skills!

This is like the third time I’m doing this. I’m over it at this point. Had some employees interns whatever you want to call them trying to teach them the right way to handle customer service. Seen this happen with other people and I’m sure that this is something either you or your employees can watch and benefit from. So

the first thing was responding to emails. A customer contacted us and told us they didn’t get an order and I think they’re lying. But I noticed when I asked them to draft the e-mails they kept saying I and me and you have to remember that you’re speaking on behalf of the company. I would say we, us,  and our and put it in those terms and then also the issue that we had was a shipping issue. I would respond to them and take blame for it. Even

if you’re not sure. But I mean I would first try to figure out what’s going on. But I would at least respond to them and say hey you know I’m looking into this or can I get your order number but just thank you for reaching out to us. So sorry that you’ve had to deal with this. We’d really like to take care of this for you. Please give me more information or we’re looking into this or whatever. And then I sign it as a person. That way they know that a person is responding to them. I just think that gives a personal touch.

The second thing is so we have some people that are virtual that help out from home. And then we have some that are in the office that help out. So for some that are in the office they send out this product.

I mean it came in called janky. But what I’m trying to figure out is I was looking at this this is what the employee handed me.

They handed me this package. And then on the back it says e-mailed a couple days ago waiting for a return e-mail. So I didn’t even see this till after I had already taken care of this. I was looking at this and thinking OK well my first instinct is going to be to go look at the address and make sure if it says Return to Sender insufficient address. Unable to forward I would want to go see if we had the address correctly. When I did the first thing I saw was that the address was wrong. I’m just trying to figure out why would you not take the time to go figure to go search that yourself. You can search them by name you can search them by e-mail or you can search them in many different ways but I’ve just been in their very first name in the system and found it.

And my thing is you know that you printed this package and you know that you send it out. So you have to know where it came from and there’s only a few places that the orders come in from. They either come in online or they come in from a phone call that you picked up or maybe a distributor something like that. But either way and you’re the only person that checks them. It just makes me think you know if I didn’t come across this what it would have been.

And so I responded to them and just said hey I’m really sorry about the delay in your order. I just wanted to let you know I actually searched the system and you know I just made that up and it was because of the weather. But I just said there is a delay in the system. And I saw that the issue was with her address but it was because we didn’t put the unit number on it. So that’s why I didn’t get to you. And so that’s I’m just thinking to myself like as an employee I don’t know. Like I know that I’ll probably watch this. That’s why I’m just thinking like as a boss or as someone else in the organization when you see something like that it makes you think why didn’t they take the steps. And, the thing is this person has worked for the company for like three or four years.

So it’s not new. This is something that they should know to fix and then see the box comes back all janky in the packaging. So it just makes me want to kind of go through the process a little bit more and I’m probably going to have to go look and see if we collect phone numbers with their orders because if not I’m going to make that part of the process now. That way the employee can do is call and have this done that why we’re not doing this e-mail back and forth and I just try to get fast and efficient. I mean if that’s what we’re paying you for then it’s really not that hard to go look that up. But anyways it’s a good checks and balances so I actually have the communications on the website come to a separate e-mail so I can tell if a customer writes in and says that there’s an issue and the same people aren’t seeing everything.

It’s more of like a checks and balances on my end that I get to see. I get copied on the orders on a separate e-mail address. I get copied on the well actually I’m the only person that sees that communications come through in then I direct  them who they need to go to. Hopefully that gives you some ideas about how to handle customer service. And if you want more ideas don’t forget to join my facebook group because we talk about this stuff. So if you ever have something come up definitely comment below but join my Facebook group. Love to hear your ideas or something that you’re having an issue with. And let’s talk about what you have going on because I know that I deal with this stuff and I sit here in like literally banging my head against the wall and think.

Why are you doing this? Why would you reply like that or why would you not reply? Why would you not go the extra mile because the thing is like I see them on their phone but I don’t see them like taking the extra effort to go look through the little orders. So, I don’t know those things are just frustrating and I guess you have to remember that it’s your business and if you’re not holding people accountable they’re never going to learn. So you have to hold them accountable and you have to kind of like go through the process.

You know like it sucks because I have to be the bad person.

Well I feel like the bad person that I have to go explain these things or get on to people because I feel like I’m going to get on with them at this point not for some of my new people but for the ones that have been there it kind of makes me feel crappy to have to go and tell you that you’ve been there for like three four years.

I will tell you as you grow in your businesses and you grow on your own you start to hire people for whatever reason. If you don’t hold them accountable and go back and check them and give them some type of system to follow like maybe e-mailed templates. Then they’re not going to get it and they’re never going to learn. So I’m learning that I’m going through that process. I’m setting up my Google file folders so that they can learn where to go and find this information. I have found if you’re get organized and use systems and different systems may work for you versus me. Google Drive works for me because everybody kind of has a G-mail usually. And that’s how we operate. Some of our files. I’ll put it on the Google Drive and we can share it with everybody. And it’s just a really good way everybody can edit it and it’s a log file and you don’t have to have a program like Microsoft Word.

So. Any of y’all haven’t tried Google Drive and Google Spreadsheets, Google Docs, Google presentations, PowerPoint slides, they’re all free and I would definitely encourage you to try them because it’s a cloudbase area where you can store your stuff and your teams can get to it. So I put my videos on there. I put

We have content going out for a new Web site that I’m building and a book that I’m writing. And of course that I have coming out. So I have a lot going on right now. I’m enjoying it everything else so yes it is a little frustrating.

I have to take time out and explain this stuff to employees or going through the hiring process and like I said Right now I’m going through training and teaching and it can be overwhelming when you’re doing this while running your company because essentially the goal is to have one person that can kind of manage all of this in the different departments or life of an entrepreneur. For Real!

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