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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a list of business apps, tools, and services you love to use?

YES! I wrote an entire book on the subject 🙂 called “Brand Like A Boss”.  In fact, I created an entire website where I share Tools & Resources for website building, email marketing, branding and social media (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn). Visit http://blabossinc.com/ for all the goodies.

You can also follow @BLABossInc on social for new content each and every week #BLABoss

Where can I follow your RV Life?

Great question! You can follow me on social @RVersity or visit http://rversity.com/ a University for RVers where I created an entire blog about my journey! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE on YouTube to be notified when new videos are published.

Can you help me and my business?

Maybe 🙂 Let’s chat! You can find all of my contact info here. The best way to connect is via email brandi@blogginbrandi.com.


If you haven’t seen my YouTube channel(s) they might give you an idea of what type of content I’ve produced. I also have also worked with many brands to develop strategies for:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Digital Branding (Website & Graphic Design)


Here are some other ways we can work together….

Where can I follow you and connect online?

Looking for where Brandi hangs out on social media? My social handle is @BlogginBrandi on:


And, you can SUBSCRIBE on YouTube >> HERE


You’re welcome! 🙂 I share all of my contact info on the contact page of my website HERE.

Would you be interested in speaking or doing a interview?

If it aligns with my brand and schedule, then I’d love to chat! You can learn more about my services and reach out to me >> HERE.

Need Anything Else?