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How I Avoid Burnout As An Entrepreneur

How I Avoid Burnout As An Entrepreneur // How To Avoid Burnout – Are you ready to get the new year started and set business goals that stick? As an entrepreneur we tend to burnout ourselves by trying to do it all.  Success is motivation and when you are living a life of entrepreneurship, dealing with burnout can be an ongoing task. In this video, I’m teaching you about entrepreneur burnout and how to prevent burnout in the coming year. These are my Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Burnout!

So it is 2018 and a lot of us are making Goals, resolutions for the new year. What our big plans our projects where we’re going what our budgets are and then comes four weeks from now the end of the month when those things start to slip away because we just kind of lose focus or we get burned out. I’m teaching you in this video, how to avoid the burnout as an entrepreneur.

How do I avoid the burnout in in business, in my life – every single day?


TIP #1 – Focus On Strengths

The first thing I do is I try not to focus on all of the what ifs and focus on the strengths the positive the benefits. What are all of the great things that I have going on right now and what is that goal that I’m striving for? And if I can focus on the strengths that I have to get me there, it helps kind of just put a positive lifted weight off of your shoulders when you’re getting started to go through every day.  You have to take every day one day at a time. You can’t focus on what about the next hundred days. You need to focus on just today.

I did this the other day when I was doing my MailChimp subscriber list. And there’s a plateau of how many people you hit to get to the next point. So just say you have to have 2000 subscribers and you have 500. Well if you know that you have to pay to get to the next point and you’re only at 500 and the next point is 2000. Then why would you care about hitting the 2000 point because you’re not even there yet. So it’s like you’re making issues or problems for an e-mail list I had going that I didn’t need to make problems for. And I don’t know why I was creating them.

Stop focusing on the what ifs. Think about all of the positives and the strengths that you have going for you. And as something starts to come up and you grow and go through each step in your business your life whatever it is that you’re doing here in 2018 What is your next goal.


TIP #2 – Think Extreme

I know this may sound harsh but I often think about what would I do if my parents weren’t here tomorrow or my grandma or this house that I was in wasn’t here tomorrow, my car, my spouse. I go to the extreme and say what would happen if I lost this person tomorrow or lost this thing and that I am dependent on or feel dependent on how to act? How would I react? What would be my plan of attack.

And so I know it sounds so harsh but what if you got into a car wreck tomorrow and you were unable to perform the task that you’re performing today? Your life would be changed. You’d be forced to just do something different than what you’re doing right now or you’d be forced to adapt to the next part in your process, your business and whatnot. So don’t force yourself to just be in these circumstances as it today put yourself into tomorrow’s shoes and say wow what if tomorrow was different? How would I be acting today if I knew I wasn’t going to have my loved one or I knew I wasn’t going to be able to walk tomorrow or do something tomorrow? How would I do today different?


TIP #3 – Get Organized & Plan Goals

So the third thing that I do to avoid burnout in the new year and my next goal in my next process whatever it is that I’m working on is I get organized. It doesn’t matter what project you have going on whether it’s a personal one or a business one you need to get organized you need to write a plan down and think about what the steps are that are going to get you to that end goal what is that far reaching goal that you’re trying to get to and start creating steps to get you there. You really need to focus on like two to four but two to four steps a day. To get you to your ultimate goal later on is going to be more manageable for you to actually make an accomplishment and do something to not get up and be frustrated everyday saying well why am I not there.

Why haven’t gotten there. Well you need to break down that bigger goal into daily task, weekly tasks, monthly task. You need to have a plan of attack for each day, each week, each month. Not this big goal at the end. You’re going to have steps that lead you up to that. So I would do 2-4 task like I mentioned each day and just make sure that you say, “okay these two are these four are a must. I have to get these things done today or I don’t move on to the next process or I will not be fulfilled. But, if I only accomplish these two things today then I’m going to be fine and I’ll be happy with the rest of my day even if I don’t do anything else”. So start breaking down those bigger goals into smaller goals and each day accomplishing two maybe four smaller goals to get you to the bigger one and you’re going to fill a lot less pressure. They have had this big huge mystery done at the end of the day.


TIP #4 – Learn To Rely On Others

My fourth tip for avoiding burning out is outsourcing. — Outsourcing your weaknesses, outsourcing those extremely time consuming task.  Those tasks that you do every day over and over repetitive tasks that you probably give to someone else. I mean I’ve started to make so much more I want to say money. I had more time. I was more relaxed once I was not only organize but started to outsource. I started to outsource my processes and give them to other people so that I could focus on the bigger task at hand and what I had going on in my business. And the thing to remember about outsourcing is that you just want to get things. – Get someone to help you get things 80 percent done.

I made some videos about these before. I’ll  put some links down below but make sure that you think about “What can someone help me with that is going to get me maybe 80 percent of the way there? 70 percent of the way there? And then I can finish the rest”. Because if they can at least get you part of the way there then you can start to fill in the other parts of the process to finish that ultimate project and have it done. Don’t think that someone is going to do a perfect and exactly like you because they’re probably not.


Here are the videos I mentioned about OUTSOURCING in Step #4 above you can WATCH the full PLAYLIST 👉  http://bit.ly/bbOutsourcingPlaylist


TIP #5 – Take A Break

My last and final tip for how I avoid burnout is to take a break. Take a break, relax, get away, disconnect, whatever you want to call it you do.

It can be for five minutes, ten minutes, a day, a week. It is up to you. You have to figure out what works for you and what works for me may not work for you. I take tips and tricks from many different entrepreneurs and mentors that I’ve kind of found and followed over the years and I kind of take them and do my own thing with them. So I’ve learned what works for other people. And one thing that they all keep saying is take a break and get away because when you have that 9:00 to 5:00 job and you go to it every day and then you come home. It’s like you know that after 5:00 or after 4:00 or whatever time you’re off. That is your own time you can do whatever you want and then you’ve got to be back in the morning.

So the problem that us as entrepreneurs kind of tend to fall into it is we don’t take a break and we tend to just put so much on ourselves and think everything has to be done in a day. But it really doesn’t. Take a break. Breathe it will help you with your creativity even if it’s just to get outside and walk around. Maybe you take a vacation, maybe you go hang out with a friend or a family member someone that you love and enjoy spending time with. What are those things that make you feel more creative, more alive, and really get you pumped and excited about your business? What’s the reason that you started your business? Think about these things when you get so burned out and take a break; that can be the simplest process and some people even going to the point of like exercising, yoga meditation just getting away –  putting yourself in a different mindset and then you’re going to be refreshed to come back to all the projects that you have going and you’re going to have a different way of thinking.

A lot of times if you can take a break and come back you just have a whole new refresh and thought process just like at the end of the day when you get done at your job it’s 5:00. You’re like oh get me out of here. Come back the next day and you’re like I’ve had a good sleep or even the weekend and you get down to the weekend you come back on Monday and you’re probably like ahhhhh I have this job to do. But you probably feel better on Monday than you did on Friday when you’re ready to get out of there.

So that can be the biggest dream killer is people who don’t take a break and take time for themselves. If you’re not taking care of yourself, then you’re not going to be able to be there later on to show up for other people and get these tasks done whether it be just showing up for yourself.  At some point you’re going to have to show up for other people. Start taking care of yourself now: getting healthy, getting that better frame of mind set. Taking a break and relaxing; it will make you so much more creative in the long run.


What’s Next?…

So those are my top five tips for how to avoid burnout especially if you’re an entrepreneur. Because we all know it can be lonely on the ride and it can be lonely when you get to the top. I what to know, “what are your goals for 2018?” And since we’re on the task of two I want to hear top two goals for 2018? What is your goal? Is there something to stop doing or start doing.

If you want to avoid the burnout in 2018 when it comes to your business then it might mean that you need to make sure that you have all the pieces of the puzzle in place. And I created a cheat sheet for how I do not get burned out whenever it comes to a new business idea which is my six step startup cheat sheet to help you build your business from the ground up.

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