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How I Use Hashtags On YouTube


How I use hashtags on YouTube // How to use hashtags onYouTube? In this video, I’m teaching you some new ways to hashtag YouTube. When getting started most people have the same question: How to properly tag your YouTube videos? There is more than one way to use hashtags and YouTube is no different. If you know how to use hashtags then using hashtags on YouTube in your comments, descriptions, titles, and tags are all great ways to get more exposure on your content.


★ You Can Use Hashtags in your: Titles, Descriptions and Tags

★ Don’t use more than 15 Hashtags at one time or on one video or Youtube may block your video (you will be less likely to rank in search).

★ Link to Keywords, brands or people you mention in your video, including events you are covering or attend.

★ Also, keep an eye out for trending relevant hashtags to your brand such as during the holidays.



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