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How To Be Stress Free Around Negative People

How to be stress free around negative people // how to stay positive around negative people. In this video I’m showing you how to turn your pain into power in life and how to stay positive. Negative people and ruin your entire day, but it doesn’t have to. You are the keeper of your own peace and positivity. Life is what you make it and if you are struggling with how to be happy especially around those negative people then this video is for you.


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Do you ask yourself: How do you fight the feeling that you are not good enough to do this or that? How do you create an environment for yourself where there are only positive vibes, nothing negative.


Quote of the Day: Turn Your Pain Into Power


My Top 5 Tips for Dealing with Negative People:

  1. You can’t control others only how you respond to them.
  2. Don’t take it personal — you don’t know what kind of day they are having or what just happened in their life.
  3. You are the keeper of your own peace
  4. People do what they do because that is where they are in life
  5. You don’t have to be friends, agree or hangout with everyone you meet and work with