What's Inside?

STEP #1 - How to Decide on a Signature Opt-In - 5 questions you can ask to help "Figure out what problem you are solving for a pain point your potential customers are having. 

STEP #2 - What to offer in exchange for sign ups - You don't have to have an elaborate opt-in offer, but there are some that work better for others. Learn which one is best for your audience.

STEP #3 - What to include in your OPT-IN offer - You want others to want to share your offer, so you will need to give it a unique look and feel. 

STEP #4 - What your Landing Page should include - These are all the elements you need to set up a conversion site that will attract subscribers. 

BONUS - Tips & Tricks to Create a High converting Landing Page FAST!!! - Learn tools that can help you save time setting up. FREE, CHEAP & EASY examples you can COPY!