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How To Build Your Own Company -Starting A New Company Checklist


Hey Everybody it’s Brandi, and today I’m going to show you the steps to take before starting a business and the cost associated with starting your business.

Step number one. Brainstorm and write down all of your ideas. A good idea is to pick three words that describe your brand or business. Make sure the message that you’re sending out with the content you’re posting is always falling into one of those three topic areas.

Step number two. Create a business name, logo, and slogan. You should make sure the words and design portray your brand. It should be clear what your business stands for and the customer shouldn’t be left wondering what it is you do. Make sure that it’s understandable and something that your business can grow with. It should be a name that your business can grow into.

Step number three. Build a cover page or website. You can throw a simple website together in one hour or a cover page together in less than five minutes. Stop over-thinking the design. You’ll be changing this as you go along the way. Trust me, I’ve changed mine plenty of time.

You’re just trying to quickly and clearly convey a message to your audience what it is you do or offer. Who’s your potential customer? You want to intrigue them, so they’ll want to come back later. So, think of how you can benefit them, and a little bonus, most websites, when you create your blog or vlog, or whatever it is you decide to do on your landing page. They’ll give you a temporary domain name, which are just as good as any of the other domain names that you can use. Believe it or not, you can get traffic to those, whether anyone tells you you can or can’t.

I started out with one and now I have my own website and the fact that I used Bloggin Brandi when I started kind of helped me get that SEO traction. To now, when you Google my name, Bloggin Brandi, you’ll see all the stuff that I’ve done. Step four. Grab all of your social handles. I would suggest grabbing every social handle you think you may want to use one day, because it may not be available later. Just set up an account with a handle. Like, for me, I used @blogginbrandi, which was the same for Facebook, Twitter, and several other platforms. If the handle’s not available, you can try a variation like @bloggin_b. You can always change this later, whenever the handle does come available.

Also, make sure to use the same social handle everywhere across all the social platforms, on your website, in your email. Make sure you’re using the same social handle. Step five. Set up your email list. There’s no need to pay for a service, at least getting started, to handle your email list. Your email list should be the core mission of your website or your conversion page. Your plan is to get your followers off of social media and onto your conversion site, or your cover page, your about page.

Essentially, you’re trying to get them off of social media and on to your email list, so that you can keep contact with them. If Twitter were to go away, or what was it My Space, then you lose all of those connections. Plus, what’s the one thing that everyone has? An email. If you move, you still keep the same email. So, you want to keep email addresses. Contact information, email addresses. It’s key. And, you want them to want to sign-up with a clear call to action in your message. So, make sure that you’re providing them a benefit and letting them know what the benefit is for them signing-up to your email list.

Okay, so let’s wrap that up.

Step one. Brainstorm and write down all your ideas.

Step two. Create a business name, logo, and slogan.

Step three. Build a cover page or website.

Step four. Grab all of your social media handles.

Step five. Set up your mail list. And, a little bonus tip. Add your social handles and your website link to your email signature for a little added, extra exposure.

Now you know the steps to take in order to start your own business, and that you can do it for next to nothing, while still looking professional, if you have the right tools.