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How To Come Up With YouTube Video Ideas // YouTube Video Ideas – When Starting aYouTube channel there are a ton of questions you might have: How to come up with a YouTube name and What to makeYouTube videos about? In this tutorial I’m sharing my YouTube Video Ideas For Beginners thanks to a question submitted by one of my viewers!



I am super sick, but super excited about this video. I just put out a video a couple days ago. Again, I was super sick, which is why these videos this week or just not as planned as I normally would make them. My last video I asked questions about what kind of videos you wanted because I just hit 500 subscribers. I have been super stoked about that and I wanted to go through your questions and say, Hey, what is it that you want to see on my channel? What videos do you like? I can look at the analytics all day. I can read your comments and all of these things play a role in my video ideas.

Speaking of which one of the questions that I was asked in the last video. Thank you for asking, “Can you make YouTube a YouTube ideas video because I can’t find any that I can actually do?”

Well, there’s tons of ideas out there.


Video Idea #1 – Comment Back & Shout Outs

One video idea is something where you kind of comment back to other people’s videos. So that’s the first one I’m going to give you because I just got a really cool shout out, vyyyper, I was so stoked to see this shout out that it made me say, wow, I really want to give him a shout out back.

You can give a shout out back to other people, especially if they mention you. When you’re getting started, the first thing is to listen to your audience and paying customers. You mentioned a comment, so I said, hey, you have a question. I’m gonna. Answer it with a video. You’re using video to answer the question.

If you don’t have an audience or you don’t have comments yet, you can always look at competitors and see what their audience is asking. See what’s working for them, what topics are they talking about?

You can also run surveys on social media. Even on Youtube, You can put polls out on youtube within your videos. I’ve done that on some of mine. Have also tried email surveys, sending out email surveys to follow up a product sale.

Now, if you’re just getting started, some of this stuff may seem a little over the top, but really it comes to building an audience. And, you’re never going to get an audience if you don’t just get started. That’s why I say, look at what’s working for other people, what other people are commenting on. Just because they’re asking questions on someone else’s video, doesn’t mean that you can’t make a video about that same topic? Obviously people are asking questions. I’m sure people have videos out there about how to come up with video ideas. Hopefully that helps answer your question on that.

Do you like this type video where I’m commenting back to you? If that’s something that you like, put that in the comments below. Or, If you want to hear something else, then put it in the comments below. Otherwise, how am I going to know what videos you want to watch? If you don’t put them in the comments below.


Video Idea #2 – Develop content around what you are selling

What are you selling and what do you want to sell or what do you want to sell – One day. I would develop your content around a product or service.

Someone that does a really good job of this is Linda Raynier. I love her channel. She has been someone who I’ve followed for a year going on two years now. She hasn’t really had her channel that long. She honestly has about 50 videos out right now and 200,000 subscribers. How did she do this? She found a niche topic, so she talks about careers and resumes and she sticks to that same category.

Answering those same questions when she’s creating her content.


Video Idea #3 – Create Educational Content

Now, another really good way to come up with video ideas is to look at someone else like Sunny Lenarduzzi. She creates educational content. I love Sunny. Sunny is the one that kind of turned me on to video. She’s the first person I’ve found and started following her about how to make youtube videos, how to look professional on camera, how to use your phone, just all of the tools that you already have at your disposal.

Go and look through Sunny’s channel, everything on it. A lot of her videos say how to, how to, how to, because these are questions that her audience asked her. She reaches out to them. These are clients that she’s had. She has courses out, so these are things she’s constantly being asked and so she takes what she’s being asked the most as well as she looks at how it’s being searched for.


Don’t forget to RESEARCH your ideas…

You can look at youtube, Google search, Youtube search, google adwords, Google trends. I use a tool called Tubebuddy. I think I’ve mentioned this before, if you’re interested in that, but a comment below and I’ll show tutorial on that.

TubeBuddy (Affiliate Link) >> https://www.tubebuddy.com/BlogginBrandi 

If you are getting started on YouTube, you cannot get overwhelmed or think why isn’t my channel growing? You have to start somewhere. When I was starting out, I had no idea what I was doing, so I started vlogging about like rving and then I started talking about business. Over time it just got kind of weird because I was doing rv tutorials and then I had a thing about vegas. The rv stuff, I couldn’t really figure out how to incorporate into my channel. So I kind of like took it off, but my videos we’re doing really well. I’ll probably start another channel, but that didn’t fit the content that I was doing, as far as, business and where I was headed, so it just didn’t make sense.

I would actually start out vlogging, maybe vlog behind the scenes about your journey, what you’re into. If you’re into gaming, that’s a popular thing. Beauty, that’s a popular thing, but I would actually do something completely different because those are really over-saturated.

Find something that you’re interested in or something that you’re learning and share that with other people, but you want to make sure that it’s found in search. So that’s why I mentioned doing research. How sunny does her channel with how tos.

If you don’t put anything out, you’re not gonna have anything to analyze. You want to put videos out so that you have to analyze. Go into YouTube and look at your analytics, you can see your top 10 videos that you’ve published and it’ll give you a really good idea of what’s working.

For me. I went in and looked at mine and I noticed that tutorials, like on screen tutorials worked really well for me. Those are things that I’m adding into my videos coming up. Like I mentioned, there are some really big things going on soon on my channel and I can’t wait to share them with you, but not just yet, so make sure to subscribe.


Consistency is KEY!

So I mentioned being consistent. I have a schedule, a content calendar that kind of helps me stay scheduled on my social media and when I’m putting the videos out. So if that’s something that you’re interested in. I created a video about this a while back, I will link to that down below.

How To Create A Content Calendar For Social Media  👉  https://youtu.be/guoSGoJgJCE


What’s Next…. 

I also have a channel checklist, so even if people find your videos, you really want to make sure that your channel set up because before you even put any videos out. You can actually make your channel look like a real channel if you haven’t even made any videos yet. So there’s a way to do that. Pick up the check list down below and just make sure that you have things like your social links, your header. You’ve got your about page, all of the things that other, all of those things set up so people want to stay on your content.

DOWNLOAD My YouTube Channel Checklist   👉  http://bit.ly/BBYTCKLIST 



UGGGGGG I’m probably losing my voice at this point, so I’m going to try to rest for a day. I’m Brandi of www.Blogginbrandi.com where you can find tons of free resources to help you brand your business. I will see you in the next video. Leave your comments and questions below and subscribe so you don’t miss the next video because you might be featured in it.


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