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How To Generate More Leads Online | Video Marketing

Have you been thinking of how to generate more leads online? Lead generation and lead marketing is easy when you take the right steps and tell your potential customers what they need to do. So if you are stuck trying to figure out how to get more leads then this video is for you!

The old days and calling strangers on the phone is over. If you want to know how to get more leads, potential customers and sales then you need to start using video marketing in your advertising campaigns. I get hundreds of people asking me how to generate leads but the answer is simple – Google and YouTube will work to attract all the customers you could ever want. You just have to know how to sell yourself on video. So buckle up as I teach you my exact formula for how to generate more leads with less work.

You only have a few seconds to get someone’s attention once you have it. If you want to drive traffic to your business, capture leads, and generate sales for your products and services you need to learn the power of video marketing. It gives you the ability to deliver content fast. Whether you’re using a video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, how do you turn those viewers, like you, yeah you, into potential leads and customers? Social platforms are becoming more like search engines. You find people based on what they’re searching for, usually an answer or a solution to something.

Take YouTube for instance, which is owned by Google, one of the largest search engines in the world. When someone searches for how to bake a cake and you pop up, now you have their attention. The question is what are you going to do with it? This is where most people lost their potential customer, either pitching too soon, not pitching at all, or giving away too much of their content for free. You’re just giving them pieces of the puzzle and not the actual entire puzzle. That part they have to buy.

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STEP #1 –  tell the viewer what they want to hear.

Make a video that gives the answer they were looking for and provides jam packed value first. Make sure to give them all the steps that they need. If they search for how to bake a cake, then you’re gonna list out all the steps they need to bake a cake because that’s what they came to find, but you also don’t want to immediately pitch your product and services and turn them away either.


STEP #2 – Give them the reason why they need you.

After you’ve answered what they came to find, you’re gonna give them the next piece of the puzzle, which is what they need to do next. This can be an opt in offer, a cheat sheet, checklist, some type of download, or it can be a consultation, maybe a mini course that you have. You’re going to want to explain to them why they need this next piece of the puzzle and give them the benefit that they’re going to get out of actually getting this next piece of the puzzle. If they go get your download, what benefit are they going to have for getting it? Don’t forget to tell them how to get to you and your info.

If it’s a free download that you’re offering, you’re gonna get their email in exchange for the download and start building contact lists of potential customers. For example, how to bake a cake, you’ve already given them all the steps so now you can say, “Now you know how to bake a cake, but do you know all the ingredients you need to make one? No problem, you can download them now in my how to bake a cake cheat sheet.”

If it’s a consultation that you’re offering, you’re gonna give them your email, your phone number, and tell them how to contact you. By adding their email and contacting them, continuing to show up week after week, more valuable content, you’re engaging your audience in building your brand to nurture that relationship.


STEP #3 – How to accomplish the specific outcome.

This is your paid offer. It happens after the video has ended. Eventually you’re going to have something to sell and your potential customer and viewer, like yourself, is going to be ready to buy. You already have their attention, which is why you need an email list. You gave them the what and the why for free and now you want them to pay for the how. Your free content must be on the same subject as your paid offer.


Let’s Review:

  • Step #1 – Tell them what they wanted to hear, what they were looking for and how they found you. This is your video.
  • Step #2 – Give them why they really need you, your download, or the next piece of the puzzle.
  • Step #3 – This is your paid offer, the last piece of the puzzle. How to accomplish the specific outcome, which you pitched them after the video has ended. 


Now you know how to generate more leads for your business using video, but what are you going to offer them as a download to get them to subscribe and connect with you?

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