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How To Make Money From Home – The Best Way To Make Money Online (Part 2)

How To Make Money From Home

Today  I’m going to show you how I started shopping at Goodwill flipping those items online for cash and eventually made enough money to turn my side hustle into a full-time career. If you’re looking for some extra cash and want to get started with items you may already have around the house, then this is for you.

I downloaded a couple of apps on my phone just to show you this. There’s another one called Profit Bandit, but you have to pay for it. People say it’s really good, so if you want to pay for it, that’s cool. I try to teach you how to do stuff for free. It was on seller app for eBay, the Seller Profit Calculator or What’s it Worth? Both of those are free. We’re going to use those and the power of the internet, a.k.a Google, to find the prices of some items here at Goodwill. Some of this stuff works for me which may not work for you. It’s just trial and error and what you like and what time you want to spend on it. I spent several years doing this, and I ended up moving onto auctions and buying new items. I also tried returned items. Don’t ever do returned items ever. If you do, only sell them on eBay.

We’re going to show you how to shop at Goodwill and flip it for money, so you can make a little extra side money. That can be your hustle, and you can start doing that on your lunch breaks or whenever you leave work, your days off, on the weekends. If I was you I’d get up early, and I would go whatever time they open. I will hit a bunch of Goodwills at one time. This is my checklist, and I’m going to go over it with you. I made this when I used to go to auctions and sell stuff online. New items is what I would sell, but you’re not always going to get that when you go to thrift stores and Goodwills. When you’re on Amazon, I would totally only sell new stuff. If you’re going to sell used, be aware it’s really hard to sell used stuff on Amazon.

New or used vintage. If you do used, you can try a vintage item or make sure that the used item is gently used. I used to buy all kinds of stuff and cook my stuff up. I have packaging and a retag gun and labels. FYI, if you’re going to do this, just do it right. Multiple quantities. If you’re able to buy something in multiple quantities, it’s going to make you more money. If you’re able to sell something in multiple quantities, it’s going to make you more money. Also, the new and vintage, multiple quantities, small and lightweight. You’re going to be shipping these items, so you want something small and lightweight. Not restricted or regulated. If you are selling on Amazon, your items may be restricted or regulated. Certain categories are. Make sure you check that. If you have the Amazon Seller app you will not have this problem.

These are the items or the categories I would stick to, and not to say that you can’t go outside of these like books or other items. Those are just not things that I sell, but it’s totally things that you could sell and might be worth money, and pets. Those are awesome categories to sell. Baby and kids, the shit. Baby and kids. I don’t have babies or kids, but it’s the shit. Sell it. Home and kitchen. Fitness and novelty items. You would not believe this, but novelty items. Nonperishable, not expired. Do not sell anything that can expire, that you could eat, that it won’t be there. It’s common sense. You don’t know how long this can sit on your shelf. You’re aiming for, I would say, one to three months. You’re trying to sell this stuff now. You’re not trying to get this stuff sitting on there. You’re trying to beat everybody at these prices. You’re supposed to have the best video, the best photos. You’re supposed to put your stuff out there like you know what you’re talking about.

Nonbreakable. No glass. Mugs, not to say that glass and stuff is not a good moneymaker, I’ve done it before. I’m saying be aware that you may ship it, and it may get broke, and somebody may want their money back. Another thing, nonseasonal. If you’re going to do seasonal, it’s something where you need to be importing and exporting from outside of the country. You need to be selling that stuff during that season, and you plan way ahead and in advance. I’ve done import/export as well as selling on Goodwill, so I’m doing a little bit of both. Let’s do this.

Now you know one of the four steps to getting your side hustle started making some extra cash. Eventually, you’ll be on your way to quitting your job and making this a full-time career.