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How To Make Money Off Bitcoin


How to make money off Bitcoin //  How to make money with Bitcoin? In this video, I’m going to explain what cryptocurrency is and how to make money. Most people want you to buy and hold, but when it comes to bitcoin trading there is a better way to capitalize on your investment. If you are trying to learn how to buy and sell Bitcoin, or How to make money bitcoin trading this video is for you. I’m sharing everything in My Bitcoin Guide!


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So I want to know what you know about crypto currency that is. I’ve been trying bitcoins to finance my life for an entire year. Which I talk about my book, putting a link to that  in the description below. So a lot of people talk about cryptocurrency buying it and holding on to it and saying Oh let me sell everything I own buy some cryptocurrency and the stocks the price whatever they want to call it is going to go up and I’m going to win big time. Well the problem is that right now people are still trying to figure out whether this whole Bitcoin craze and these other currencies are going to last. You May Not Know That I actually came from the corporate world and I traded stocks for billions of dollars every day and I left that job to start my own career my own company and started doing something that I love.

For the last year of my life I stumbled across a little gem called a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general because there’s different types of crypto currency Bitcoin is just one of them. That’s what I’m talking to you about today because that’s what actually funded the operations of what  I’m going to show you. So you can hold bitcoins and think they’re going to go somewhere. But I know even last year they went from about 700 dollars a piece. And then last cap I think they were like five or six thousand and they may have hit higher than that. But I don’t buy them to hold them. I find them and trade them so I actually only buy them when I need them. I would kind of consider it in day trading say but they’ve allowed me to live a life that I could live another way.

And there are a couple secrets to that coin craze which is one not being greedy to anything that you invest in you need to know what you’re doing in your market and don’t think that you have to like learn everything in a day. And the good thing about trading cryptocurrency especially like a Bitcoin is that you don’t have to buy all whole point. So a whole coin might be save$5000 like right now but when I originally started buying them there were only around seven hundred dollars. So I was able to get more for my money. But, I would trade them. So I might get a hotel room. I might get food. I’ve gotten like rides rides from taxi cabs and services so people will actually take bitcoin as payment. So it just depends.

And some people like trading things for the bitcoin so maybe you have I don’t know a gift card that you want to sell. And you wanted to get rid of it then maybe you could satellite you might not get full value for it but you been selling your  bitcoins for it. Hey you probably didn’t pay for it anyway so who cares. But that’s not really how you should trade bitcoins. But there are all kinds of things that you could buy and tons of places are starting to accept them.  It is a currency so similar how you have the dollar except people are trading in different. And one of the reasons probably a lot of people like to trade is because the dollars as we know they can be forged that a lot of people if you’re sending a lot of cash are doing things in cash.

The government obviously keeps tabs on you and whatnot. So some people just like to live a different life or so if you even know that some things were actually funded by bitcoin which are no longer in existence and not going to say on this video there is a dark side to bitcoin. And there is a positive side to it. So you have to think about what platform you’re trading on. And keep in mind there’s tons of platforms. And another thing that you need to keep in mind is that if you’re going to be buying this cryptocurrency don’t leave it on the platform that it’s on at least be careful about leaving it in their vault because you’re essentially banking with the platform and you don’t have any idea who these people are. Yes. I mean let’s be real.

This currency stuff hasn’t been around for very long. So you’re playing with fire but they have the option to do an external vault just like an external hard drive. So that’s something I would keep in mind to keep my big ones on and safe. And it’s not just Bitcoins you can keep. Ripple, ethereum and a lot of the other crypto currencies on there. It just depends what you buy and how you decide to store it. I’m Brandi of www.BlogginBrandi.com. I want to teach you how to take advantage of these opportunities while they’re in front of you. If you haven’t  picked up your copy of my book. I’m teaching you and telling you about how I finance my entire life every year which is and the description below as well as I invite you to join a webinar I’m hosting on cryptocurrency.

And you can get in and you can learn how to trade this stuff for yourself in the tips and tricks some of the update’s things coming out are going to be talking about those. So all the goodies are in the description below as always. Thanks for watching this video. Put your comments below. Make sure to share subscribe for good vibes!  Stay tuned I will see you in the next video.


GRAB YOUR SEAT!  BITCOIN WEBINAR 👉  http://bit.ly/CryptoWebinar
Check out  🙌  my BOOK 👉 http://blogginbrandi.com/boss-life