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How To Make People Fall In Love With Your Brand

How To Make People Fall In Love With Your Brand //  How To Make A Brand  – Today I’m going to teach you how to make people fall in love with you by branding your business. Customer Loyalty comes from how a brand story is portrayed on video and social media. Being good on camera is one way to build a relationship whether your starting a clothing brand or a video marketing business.

So you want everyone to subscribe? Oh my God, I am so in love. And how did you think you were going to make them fall in love with you? – With Your brand? That is, do you want people to fall in love with your brand? Of course you do. So you have to start treating your business like a brand. And as I say, you start branding your business like a boss. And what do I mean by that? We all know that we want people to fall in love with us,  in love with our brand, our business, our personality, our products, our services, what ever it is that you sell. You want people to Love it! You want them to come back, you want them to tell other people about it, and you just want them to really be excited about what it is that you’ve offered them or given them and share it with the world.

Because we all know that when people share, sharing is caring, that means that other people hear them and say, wow, they liked that product. Maybe I should try it because I believe in what they have to say. What I wanted to talk to you about here on this lovely holiday, I got my Red Cup. They’re trying to put up a little heart pendant and get a little festive for this holiday since everybody wants to kick it up a notch, so I figured we would talk about love and love, meaning your brand. How do you make people fall in love with you more specifically your brand and what’s up with his hair in my face, I don’t know. Anyways, being authentic and real. That’s one thing that helps people fall in love with you.

Business Vs Brand

What makes a business different from a brand of business? Sales, products and services? A brand tells a story. You can relate to the customer and the people that are visiting your brand, whether they’re buying from you now or they’re going to buy from you some point in the future, or maybe they never buy from you at all, but they know somebody who would want your services or maybe they don’t have the money and  Somebody else does. So that’s why I say sharing is caring, but more importantly you want to build a long lasting relationship with your customers or potential customers. You never know who someone else knows, so please don’t discredit that. Whenever it comes to your marketing and your branding, your communication with your people. Your brand is going to tell a story and really pull those customers in to the relationship with you so that you have a long-term repeat business. That’s why I talk about email marketing and social media.

All of these, just like you watching me here on this video, all have to do with you relating to me. You look at me and you say, wow, I can really relate to her, or at least that’s what I hope you say about me. When you watch my videos. I want people to say, wow, I really can relate to that chick. I know she knows what she’s talking about. I am just right there with her. This is either timely information or I could really use that piece of advice. The more that they hang out with me and watch my videos or download my content, they start to form a relationship with me and at some point people will reach out to me and it normally comes from my videos, believe it or not. People find me in search, then they start to watch my videos or download a checklist and long-term.

They start to say, wow, you really helped me with this. Can we get on a call and you talk about this more with me? What can you help me with? What can we do from here? And I always look at people’s businesses and the first thing that I noticed is their branding.


Brand Aesthetics

This is your colors, logos, fonts, as well as your profile avatars and pictures that you use across all of your online profiles like social media. Anywhere that you’re using a photo, you want to be using this same photo because you want people to know that that is your brand is the same thing with YouTube and YouTube thumbnails. I think that this is one of the biggest mistakes that people make is on their YouTube channel. I will go and click the home button and the first thing I see is either no header so there’s no kind of channel art to let you know who they are, what they do, their about sections not filled out.

There’s so many things and I feel like people don’t do, but the one thing that they don’t do is set up their thumbnails and they’re profile in general. Some platforms do require a little bit more, but it’s more of once you get set up and you start to use the same design across all your platforms, people will start to relate to you and this kind of like a repetition. Think about when you watch that commercial and you keep seeing the same commercial over and over and over. Some of them you think are funny and you’re like, oh my gosh, here’s that commercial. I love it. And then there’s other commercials that you watch and you’re like, oh gosh, I wish this would be over. I don’t want to watch this anymore. So it’s the same thing when people will relate to your brand.

They can either look at you and say, oh my gosh, there’s that annoying chick, or they can relate to you and say, wow, I really love that person. I love what they stand for. I love what they’re about, and even if that isn’t something that would normally purchase or maybe I was heading another direction, I really want to support this person. People have a number of reasons for why they fall in love with your brand. That brings me to the next point which is customer service and engagement.

Customer Service & Engagement

The biggest thing that makes me mad and I have an RV and whenever I go to get my RV serviced, I always get the same response. Customer Service and engagement is so big and so important in most people don’t even do it and I don’t know why. When it comes to customer service, if you work for that business or you’re representing that business, if you’re getting paid by the business, you’re promoting them, whatever.

You’re tying your name to them and getting something from that or doing that for some reason, people are looking to you as if you are part of that business, so if you’re the customer service, if you’re the person that answers the phone, if you’re the person that answers social media or the emails, you have a community online. People check their emails, people check their social media and both of those things can spread like wildfire and that can be good, or that can be bad. You want people to fall in love with your brand and you. You have to be real and authentic and your communication. I’m kind of partial to putting some things on autopilot, have been examining that lately and I’m not sure a hundred percent that I love automation domination that I’ve come up with. I can automate anything, but the problem that I’ve ran into is it almost makes me feel like I’m not present on the platforms like I would like to be.

I’ll look at other brands. I see how they interact and when I noticed that they don’t react back to me. They don’t like a post that I put out when I’ve given them reviews about their products. They don’t say anything, don’t retweet me. They don’t share the post. They don’t like the post and don’t comment about the post or if anything it made just like it. To me  if someone goes out of their way to give you a review or talk about your product, you should be shouting from the rooftops because getting customer feedback, having people interact with your brand is the biggest compliment that you can get out there and people are talking about you and think about it. When you go to read Some type of reviews and you see all those bad reviews. The first thing you do is say, OK, well I don’t want about that product because everybody else said, well, I tried it and it sucked.

Or what have your friends said, hey, I tried that, and so the first thing he says, OK, well I don’t want to buy it. And then when you talk to someone else, you’re like, oh, I tried that. I don’t want to buy it. And it just keeps on going. You do not want to have people saying negative things about your brand and what I’ve learned is if people take the time to complain and you can make it right, even if your food sucks, if your product sucks, if it doesn’t work, if you take the time and treat people like a human and really let them know more than anything, people want you to listen, so if you’ll listen to them and hear what they have to say. A lot of times if it’s online, like if I sell on Amazon or something like that, I automatically will usually refund people because I just don’t think it’s worth sacrificing my reviews and my relationship on Amazon because I know how powerful it is.

Those type of things, I would just kind of take the people’s word for it. If they said they didn’t get something or didn’t work right, I will try to offer them maybe another sample or another version of the product to make sure that it wasn’t that one. Maybe something was wrong with it. Maybe it got heated up during shipping and something went wrong. I don’t know if there’s a number of reasons that something could go wrong. If you are going to tell people that you’re a part of a business, you need to own that. No joke when it comes to branding your business and having people fall in love with it. You want people to think that each and every person that works with you is a part of your business, so you have to train them like that and treat them like that. The best way to get people to fall in love with your brand is to be consistent, so not only does that come in with the design, social media, your website, your headers, avatars, all of the little brand aesthetics.


Consistency is Key

There is that visual look and feel. That also comes with the — If you have a theme song or if you have some type of color pattern, or if you always post on Tuesdays, that has to do with your date, your time. All of this can play a role. People, if they say, Oh, this chick always publishes on Tuesdays, then they will show up on Tuesdays and if you’re not there, they start to think, hmm, that’s weird. She didn’t show up. You will lose customers. Same reason why if you have an email marketing system you want to say top of mind, so immediately when they join your email list, you send them a welcome email or buy your product. You send them a welcome email. It’s consistency. They automatically know they’re going to hear from you if maybe every two weeks, three weeks, once a month, whatever it is, whatever schedule you choose to stick to.

If it’s one video a week, three videos a week, one email a week, you have to be consistent. Thing about your favorite TV show. If you woke up tomorrow and you turned on the news and it wasn’t there, wouldn’t you be like, OK, that’s really weird. Or the weather channel. If you went to the weather channel and you’re looking for the weather and it just disappeared, or their playing something strange like cartoons, you’d think, well, maybe they switched channels. That’s kind of weird, but that’s how people are gonna think of you as well. That’s it.

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