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Bloggin Brandi is host of the popular YouTube series "Branding with Brandi" more often referred to as THE BRANDING BOSS! 

In this book, she shares everything you need to build the perfect name for your brand. 

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You’ll Learn:

Personal Branding vs Business Branding - Decide whether to brand yourself as a personal brand or as a business with my simple strategy!

Company Name Check - Want to know if someone is already using your name? I'm teaching you What to research before deciding on a name?

Company Name Generator - What if my name is taken? IKE someone is using the brilliant name you came up with either online or on social media! Don't worry. I'll show you how to find names no one else is using. Shhhh...  

Brand Name Ideas - Need help Deciding on A Name? I'm giving you tips, tricks and some great examples to give you a place to start.

Tools & Resources - Get PREMIUM access to ALL the tools I use. These are all ones I've tested and spent money on so you know what works before you waste a penny. Plus, a list of tons more FREE resources including video tutorials!



YouTuber & Tech Guru

Easy to understand, quick guide about naming

" Wasn’t sure if I needed this at first since I have a company name and personal website. Learned some new things and thought about a few things in a different light after reading. 

Easy to go through quickly, should give you a few things to implement.  

Whether to use your own name, choose a company name. Pros/cons of each.  

Also how social media handles should be related, but don’t need to be the same." 

Neal Battaglia

Owner of SaxStation, Creator of Saxophone Tribe

"Some of the hardest working people I know are very underrated on YouTube, creators like Bloggin Brandi"

Roberto Blake

YouTuber & CEO of Awesome Creator Academy

Tim Woods

Clear Results Fitness

About the Author


Bloggin Brandi is a new media triple threat: YouTuber, author, and keynote speaker. After going to college and climbing the ranks of the Corporate Ladder Brandi’s inner entrepreneur spirit couldn’t be contained any longer. She knew it wasn’t her story. Tired of no one listening to her ideas. She traded in her day job on Wall Street with one of the world's largest financial institutions.

Brandi likes to work smarter not harder finding unconventional ways to accomplish the everyday conventional tasks of life. She left corporate america taking her life from desks to destinations. Starting a journey which all began by shopping at Goodwill and selling those items online for cash Brandi went from trading stocks to trading socks and toys for BIG bucks. 

Discovering she was onto something she pushed the limits further, and started selling everything she owned except for a laptop, suitcase and her dogs. By automating her business and taking it on the road, her passion led her to the doorsteps of Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and the list keeps on growing.

Along the way, Brandi started to learn the power of Social Media. Bloggin Brandi puts the Brandi in Branding hosting her popular YouTube Series "Branding With Brandi" where she teaches you everything you need to know about Building A Brand Online.  

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