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How To Stop Caring What People Think

Still trying to figure out how to stop caring what people think? If you want to stop caring what others think and learn to stop worrying about others, then this video is for you!

In this video, I show you how to stop caring what people think of you and help you stop worrying what others think. This is a motivational video for how I train myself, “how not to care what others think.”

I never wear make up, and one of the reasons I got rid of it was because I felt like the Steve Jobs story about how he only had the one shirt and the one pair of jeans and he special ordered them, and it allowed I’m to spend a lot more time with his family and on his business and less time making decisions that were not really decisions that were … I mean, nobody cares what you wear. Well, the people that do are the people that don’t matter.

So, I was like you know why do I care about wearing make up? And, even just a few minutes ago, my girl Sunny Lenarduzzi, I freaking love that chick, and her Gary Vaynerchuk. are, I mean, they are mentors to me. They have no idea.

But, she was posting a picture of her on Instagram with her cute little curls and she was like, “All natural.” And I was thinking, “Oh my god. That’s so adorable. Why do you spend the time to sit there and flatten your hair every day?”

And, just the other day I even saw, god, one of the interns, she’s so sweet. I know she’s probably going to watch this, so I’m not hating on you.

But, I was sitting there watching her and how long it took her to put her make up. And, I was thinking, “This chick is so cute. I didn’t even know she didn’t have her make up on, until I saw her putting it on.” And then I was like, “Damn, it took her like an hour.” So, not only does she come to work, and then once she got to work, she started putting her make up on, and then it was like an hour later. Okay. We could have already started this.

And everybody’s so fixated on this beauty thing. Like, nobody cares. You could get in a car wreck tomorrow, and the person that you love may not look the way that they look today, or I may not look the way that I look today. You know, I could get cancer and lose all my hair. I’m serious, you really need to think about reality, because I’ve been through some hard S* to get where I am, and have this RV. I sold everything that I own to get here, and you’re preparing for the worst. The world has hardwired you to prepare for the worst and think of these external things and worry about what everybody else thinks. Everybody else’s point of view is not of your concern. There’s only one person that matters, honestly.