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How To Stop Letting People Take Advantage Of You

Are you a people pleaser who is always being taken advantage of? In this video, I’m going to teach you how to stop letting people take advantage of you. I was a pushover and this was the main reason many people take advantage of me until now! This is how not to be taken advantage of with tactical tips based on science. Are you letting people take advantage of you? Here is what to do…

So I was sitting here thinking today and you know I try to watch a lot of my favorite people and get motivation about this. So I figured it’s something that all of you bring up to me and it’s something that I struggle with as well which is what to talk about how to start. You know what’s holding you back and whether it’s a job that you’re in that you don’t want to be in. Whether it’s a business that you just started maybe you’re getting started on YouTube and you’re not sure what the next moves are or is just something that you want to do and see if you could ever make money at it or have it in your life as part of your life. And you know I started out just kind of by accident falling into making videos and my channel really hasn’t taken off.

I mean right now I have like 200 subscribers which I get for some of you that’s probably more than you have. And it’s funny because I’m actually really good on video and I have a ton of video content that has never been published but I kept saying to myself like why are you not starting. Why are you not putting it out there. I found myself making excuses. And what’s funny is I always tell other people like oh you know that’s just an excuse but in reality I make a lot of my own excuses and some of it I want to say is because of other people and really is but it’s because I have let them create either task or problems in my life. If you kind of put your foot down and you teach people one how to treat you to how to prioritize your time.

It will change for you. Things will change because before I just kind of let people say and do whatever and I would just go along with that like if they wanted to change plans. I remember I had a boss one time. I would do things one way and then he would come back and make me do it a completely different way the same thing I just did and I spent hours on these projects some times days and he had no care in the world. But I knew that I was doing something that was completely inefficient and a waste of my time. And as a person and a human being like why am I wasting my time working for you or doing something for you and you don’t even care. And so I’ve started to try to figure that out with my own time.

I’ve even had to turn down certain jobs or clients because I knew that it would take more of my time. And it’s because I’ve started working with several of them and the ones I get into their businesses I’ll see that it needs a lot more work and a lot of people just aren’t willing to put in the time to make something better in a lot of times it’s just time it doesn’t have to be money. But the key is if you say I don’t have the time then you’d have to have the money so that somebody else can make their time to make your dream a reality. So you either have time or you have money.

I mean that’s like my thoughts on it but it’s more of getting started for me. I’m trying not to make any more excuses and I want to do more live videos.

I want to be putting videos out more often and I’ve just kind of put the brakes on my business  stepped back and said you know I’m not going to put all my content out there. But, really it hurt me in the end.  Because I don’t know I had this client really pisses me off honestly that I’ve worked for them for a while and there is a lot of things for a long time that I did for them for free just because I really cared about them and I believed in what I could do. And still to this day when I hear them say things like. They said something to me the other day. So while you know I can let you go and get someone else and I was thinking well that’s why they’re just collecting money up front from you and not collecting money up front for me because I know what I’m doing. I’m putting those things in place for you to have something long term. Because what’s funny is I’m starting to see a lot of these consultants and people saying you know I provide my services which is fine.

I provide services. It’s how you do it. When you’re going in and telling people pay me all this money up front and I’m going to make you all these promises and get you all these things. I don’t know I just feel like if you’re able to come up with those results it’s not just a bunch of random snapshots you send me. And a bunch of big talk. Let’s be real we can all put up a Web site so anyone can look as big as they want. I’ve tried to be really genuine in myself and the things that I have.

I am very blessed and I do have a very blessed lifestyle but I try not to say like that’s what life is about because there’s a lot of ugly struggles that go on throughout my week. And, you know even right now. I’m So pissed I’ve just let a lot of activities both personal and business get in the way of my happiness and my success. And I was just looking I was like man it’s been a year since I started making videos and I’m not where I want to be. Something’s got to change. Are you somewhere that you don’t want to be. Are you with someone you don’t want to be with or are you with an employer that just sucks. I mean! What if your employee and you don’t want to be there? Or what if you’re the boss of a business and you don’t want to do that business anymore?

Maybe you don’t have that passion anymore. It really takes a ripple effect on your employees as well as your business if you don’t think about those things so. You know put yourself in someone else’s shoes.  But to give you an update of like of the things I have going on.  You know I run two companies I run my company and then also run another company that we sell a product for. And I’ll probably mention that on here at some point and I just haven’t yet. If you’ve seen my videos you probably can pick it out. But I’m sometimes shy just like you and I’m trying to plan anyways. Oh my gosh my RV has been the RV from hell from the beginning of last year. I went through a really bad car accident.

You know I forget about this I there through really bad car accident a lot of you don’t know that I was getting 12 shots in my back. You know every other week. I had to go to the doctor three times a week and it just got really hard for me to make my videos. And I was just really depressed and you know it’s taken a long time to come from that.

And I don’t want you to get depressed because don’t you know other people or their priorities get in the way of like what you want.  Because there is like another piece of the puzzle there is a positive side. Definitely come a long way. And even now like a part of it I feel like maybe I don’t make my videos because I’m not happy. You know maybe it’s because I’m not where I want to be and it’s because I let other people control that. And you know when I left corporate America I left corporate America because I was tired of these other people controlling. If you want a change you have to be the change you know. I’m such a cry baby. I cry like all the time. Both good and bad. Like I cry for happy things and I cry for sad things. I

cry over happy things like all the time and I cry for sad things all the time. And it doesn’t have to be me it can be somebody else’s stuff too. Like the Las Vegas stuff that’s just really tore me up because that’s like my second home when I’m not here in Atlanta.

And, I have friends and family there.  A lot of you know in my videos you’ve seen that I’m in Vegas sometimes. It was really hard to watch unfold on social media. But going through what I’ve gone through in my RV and going to the wreck and then I got another RV and I’m so over people and your customer service. Some

of the largest actually the largest camping place in America has made my life a living hell.

Seriously it’s been a year. I

bought an RV from them back in February and it’s OK to cry like you and cry if you want to. And I remember my boss told me I couldn’t cry and look I’m crying now and I’m totally going to put this out of my video and I don’t care because I can and I hope you watch just one day watching me cry making money off you watching my video.

So anyway taking a break from that you can tell it like I seriously hate corporate America just because of how they made me feel.

And they wouldn’t let me be myself and I was forced to be in some shell.

But I’m just trying to get through this.

What was I saying? The RV people ugg They make me so mad. You know I would go to them all the time and expect them if I drop RV off it shouldn’t take six weeks to get the RV back or four weeks or two months or I mean my gosh it took like three months one time to get my RV back. And now I still don’t have my RV.

I dropped it off about four weeks ago and it’s just the run around the run around the run around like you guys just get tired. I’m paying for something I never get to use I pay for insurance. I pay for note on it and then by the time I actually use it it costs even more money so I just get tired of it.

And I’m so over you and you know I have a plan is a big plan but you know I say anyway.

Yes. If you want to get started you have to stop letting other people in their properties get in your way and you have to put your priorities first. Say OKAY where do I want to go? Are the things I’m doing getting me a step closer where I’m trying to be. If you’re trying to do YouTube videos are you putting out YouTube videos if you’re trying to do your blog posts. Are you actually putting out a blog post. And one thing that I feel like a lot of people do is they say like I’m going to wait or I’ll do it all at one time and there are always planning. I get really guilty of that is always planning and a game changer was hiring people and being able to outsource my task because I did find that I was trying to do a lot by myself and not relying on other people to help me. Hardest part is actually training them to kind of go forward for you. And you know always like these.

You always have to go out all day. So I just had my life why I never get anything done because everybody else is priorities. So yeah. Were trying to sort this out way more often because I’m over it at this point. I

don’t care if I put out a video every day and it’s a shotty video. I feel like at the end of 30 days it won’t be shotty anymore. You know what I’m saying? Because I put this video out quality over quantity and quantity versus quality and I really feel like if you want to get started on something just putting yourself out there and doing what you really do the best. Which is what you know I want to be myself. I don’t want to be fake or cry or cry if I don’t cry don’t cry. But you’re a real person and I’m a real person so why should I have to hide that anymore especially if I worked for you at a corporation. Why can’t I be myself? Why can’t I check a little personal e-mail here or there? Get on my phone and make a phone call? I don’t want to be on your time schedule. The world doesn’t have to operate in a 9 to 5 because when they do it’s kind of counterproductive.

You know if you’re working in 9 to 5 because you’re working in that time schedule of nine to five so you have to kind of like pave your own way for how you want to go on this.

It’s really up to you to pave your path and not choose what someone else has for you whether that be college or a corporate job or starting your own job. It depends what you want. So.

That’s my advice. If you want to build a relationship with other entrepreneurs and people like that so you can join my facebook group at my page and I’ll put a link to that below. And if you have questions about getting started on social media or your business I have those guides as well below on the work with me area so you can check those out and if you have questions I would love to hear them. Please put them in the comments section. I’m signing out. This is Brandi of www.blogginbrandi.com where you can find tons of free resources to help you brand your business and maybe some vlogs!

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