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How To Transcribe YouTube Video (Audio To Text)

If you are wondering How To Transcribe Your YouTube Videos (Audio To Text) fast, cheap and easy then this video is for you. I’m going to show you how to How To Transcribe Video to Text using YouTube and Rev.com (a video transcription software) Whether you are trying to transcribe audio to text or transcribe video to text, this is How to Transcribe YouTube Video with a usable format with video to text converter. There are a few easy steps for How to Transcribe Audio using Youtube Video transcription software.

Here’s How:

  • Go to Rev.com: and sign in.
  • I’m trying to place a new order and I’m doing a transcription order.
  • So you can either upload a file or you can paste the URL (for me, I’m going to paste the URL) which is what I pulled from the video that I’m doing. You’re just going to add it, I’m going to say that I’m finished.

It’s a dollar a minute so this comes out to three dollars. I don’t do the time stamping or the verbatim. YouTube will line this all up for me, which I’m going to show you here in just a second.

  • Checkout, this is already saved so I’m just going to place my order.
  • Now you can add speaker names, you can also add a glossary if there’s complicated words. I always just add a Southern accent because I’m kind of country.
  • Then I’m going to get a receipt.

After you Receive Your Transcript:

  • Now we have our transcript and we’re going to download this transcript,
  • Go to your YouTube video and tab over to subtitles >add new subtitles, >English >Select transcribe and auto sync.
  • We’re just copying and pasting our text into the box and we’re going to select set timings. YouTube’s going to time this for us.
  • When the timings are done, we are going to click on them.
  • Now we can see the timings and you can see that YouTube has lined them up for us. So we’re just going to check that all of this is reading correctly.

The other good thing about Rev.com is if you hate the service you can rank it and probably get your money back. If you try it out and you don’t like it, or they don’t transcribe it right, then let them know and you’re going to get your money back or they’re going to fix it and make it right.

So don’t just assume that it sucks, give it a try and then do your part too. That’s just how it works, it’s called being in business. If you try this service out leave a comment.

The Why

Now you know how to transcribe your YouTube videos using Rev.com and there’s a reason why you want to transcribe your YouTube videos, which is, for one YouTube will probably rank you higher if it can read what your video is saying.

Reason #1

Why? The algorithm has no way of telling what your voice says, so if you can put that into your video, the more information that you give YouTube, it’s going to help it rank your video for whatever topic you’re trying to talk about.

So from your title, to your description, to your tags, all of those things play a role. Now adding in closed captioning, that’s just a big plus and think about it, there’s a lot of people that don’t do it.

Reason #2

Another reason you might want to add it in is because you’re able to reach another demographic. A lot of times, people are in a place where they can’t view the video and listen to what’s going on, but they can read it.

Let’s Review:

Either way, you want to learn how to transcribe your video because you want people to find your video on YouTube and the more information that you give YouTube, the easier it is for your video to rank and the more likely it is to rank for what you’re talking about.

Now this is just one of the things that makes your video rank on YouTube. If you need help setting up the rest of your YouTube channel, check out my YouTube Super Star Checklist below.

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