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Ideas for how to find your “perfect” voice as a blogger

Several months ago I decided I wanted to pursue a different side of the Internet — it turned out to be “a whole new world”.

I have had the hardest time trying to “niche” down, trying to not “niche” too much and just be myself. I swear it is information overload and crazy to see just how much information is out there.

I read somewhere that we are exposed to over 3000 marketing messages a day.

That should make you think twice about how you are sending your message aka what and how you are telling your stories, post, blog.

What voice is your post portraying? Who are you talking to on the other side of that computer screen?

Of course, you have to get inside the reader’s head and define your audience.

You can’t expect to buy a car at a grocery store, so why would you talk to the grocery store customers like you where selling a car? — It wouldn’t make sense!

So how exactly do you FIND YOUR VOICE?

#1. Record Yourself or your blog post then transcribe what you said into written format. You will capture your “authentic voice.”

#2. Write often. Make it a habit and overtime you will develop stronger skills with experience.

#3. Be genuine and interact with your readers. No one wants to hear you talk all the time. Help others promote their content.

How do you find your voice as a writer or blogger?

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