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NO More REGRETS: The ONE SIZE Fits ALL Question to ask yourself next time you make a decision


Life has and will bring you to some interesting places with each decision you make. Lately, I have had the pleasure of being stuck around some “older wiser” individuals. All of the conversations end about the same — They made a lot of mistakes in life and want to give me a bunch of advice they think I don’t know.


I have to keep reminding myself they probably didn’t have “Google” growing up.

But, what if anything have I learned from it all? — If you want to reduce the amount of regret you have in your life, then start asking yourself one question with every decision you make:

Q: What is the WISE thing to do….?

STOP being fixated on whether you are right or wrong. And, whether or not you are legally justified. STOP trying to just “get by.”

Ask yourself — taking into account everything I have learned from all my past experiences, and what I know now due to my current circumstances, what is the wise thing for me to do in this situation?


The next time you have to make a decision which should be daily or even several times a day, “with what I know now, where I am at, and where I want to be in my future hopes and dreams is this choice I make going to push me further towards my goals or further away? Stop just thinking in the present!





For instance, if you know one day you may want to get married, then why wouldn’t you start making dating decisions as if each option is your future husband or wife? If you may possibly want to get married one day, then why not start opening the door now for your lady now, not when you find “the one” — because FYI she isn’t going to want to train you by then.

Let’s say you are buying a car or making a business decision. With all of your past experience and mistakes, as well as, taking into account where you want the company to go in the future. Or, what you want to do with the car in a few years.

Ask yourself:

Is “this decision” that I am going to make going to have a positive or negative impact on my future and where I want my life (career, family or whatever) to be?

Your time is running out

Time isn’t on your side. No one cares what time it is, honestly it doesn’t matter. Your life could change tomorrow. You could be in a wheel chair, you may win the lottery, or you may not even be promised tomorrow.

The better question (far more important than what time it is):



You can count your money and your friends — you can also make more of both. But, TIME is not promised nor can you buy more of it.

The most valuable and limited thing you have is your TIME.

How many “seasons” of your life have you misspent? How many times can you say, “I wish I would have done that differently”? Or, I wish I would have waited before making a decision?

You are a product of your own environment.


Observations about time

There is NO benefit in one installment of your time, as well as, missing “one time” will not hurt.

Exercise is a great example since you won’t see a difference in one day and if you miss one workout no one’s going to notice.

However, after 15 minutes a day for 15 days, you start to see and feel some results. And, you start to begin a routine. On the other hand, after you miss the second, and third workout you will begin to get lazy, not see the results you wanted and probably quit.


TIP: Break down bigger goals into smaller ones. If you want to start running 30 minutes, then start out committing to 5 minutes, graduating to 10 minutes, and so on. Even if you can’t make it one day for the full time you committed to, it is good to at least GO TO the gym and walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes otherwise it may become a habit.



A good example is when we choose not to exercise or eat healthy. Overtime, fast food takes a toll on your body, or lack of excersise catches up with your heart.

Health as an example, is something you can never get back. How many times do you look at your parents or grandparents and hear them say, “I wish I would’ve taken better care of the things I was putting into my body or exercised more.”


TIP: THINK about the FUTURE — If you already know you want to loose weight or eat healthier “ONE day” for your future wife or children then why not start now? You can’t reverse what you put into your body.


And, it is well know things like cigarette smoke will cause lung cancer or damage your skin. The same goes for tanning. So, why not take precautionary steps now to either remove those things from your life or minimize their effects as best as possible?

Wouldn’t it suck to get to the place you have always wanted to be with the perfect family, wife, car, job whatever and not be able to enjoy it because you were careless in your decisions for all those years prior?


They have no benefit or value.

When you add up a bunch of random you get more random also know as CHAOS! What random other stuff did you wast your time doing instead of exercising all of last year?

The perfect example: I have a girlfriend that every time we talk, she tells me how her life is “crazy” and she needs “money”. I offered to have her help me with some things, and she always had an excuse for why she hadn’t done anything I requested. Of course, I log on to Facebook and man now I know where she is spending ALL of her time.

All of those random life events are not adding up to more time or anything productive to move you forward in life, your job, your future.




There are areas of life when cramming last minute because you didn’t “have time” to study just doesn’t work. The way the world was made to work is that you cannot quickly make up for relationships, financial circumstances, or spiritual growth and maturity.


Start small and do it regularly

To “Make the most of your time” means to get the “full value out of your time.”

If I spent my time the way the rest of my friends and the world spent theirs, I would still be sitting in Corporate America living for the weekend, hating my boss, and planning my next vacation.

Society would have me to follow my appetites, but if you follow the stream of culture you will waste your time on culture and avatars that are not going to help you in the long run.

Where do you need to begin making consistent deposits time? — With your family, into your business, your health, your relationship?


Your Past Doesn’t Determine Your Future

In light of the family you grew up in, and the culture in which you were raised in, what do you need to begin doing now? Regardless of what is going on around you, in this stage in life, what can you do to make the most of your time?

All of us have a picture of where we want to be one day — in our finances, relationships, with our body, career…

Eventually life catches up and you will start to look back at the benefits, as well as, the consequences of your decisions. Thinking about this what should you do with your time NOW?



Passion = Time

If you are having a hard time identifying where you spend too much or not enough of your time, think about what you are passionate about? Where do you spend or shall I say what do you spend all of your time on? What do you eat, sleep, and worry about — that is where you are spending your time.

If you know the wise thing to do and choose not to do it then you don’t have your own best interest at heart you’re not concerned about your own future.



Let’s wrap it all back up:

  • When you get ready to make a decision, consider: in light of your current season of life, what is the wise thing to do with the season of time you are about to begin investing into.
  • When you make a decision make sure you are seeing the benefits and consequences  think long term.
  • If there is a tension, struggle, or dilemma and you know a block of time isn’t being spent wisely, then think: what can you do to start making the most of your time? You may have to “give something up you want now,” in order to, “have the time you need” to spend on something “you want to achieve in your future.”
  • You cannot cram all night to fix a relationship or get out of debt.
  • Be careful how you live now. To live unwisely it takes no effort, but it’s a high price to pay because in the next season you’ll look back — glad you did something different!

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