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Quality vs Quantity (on YouTube)


Trying to decide is quality important on YouTube? When you are starting and figuring out how to make a YouTube Channel, quality vs quantity can be a huge debate. In this video, I teach you how to decide on quality over quantity for YouTube Ranking. This is just one of many steps in the YouTube SEO algorithm.

Today I wanted to talk to you about overthinking. One of the big things when you’re starting out you hear a lot of people say is “well it’s all about the quality of your work not the quantity of your work” but there’s a little bit of a misconception there. How are you supposed to get better at something if you’re not able to produce a lot of it in a shorter amount of time.

Of course over time you can focus on much better quality but to start out I would say quantity is the way to go because if you’re an employee and it’s turned into a job are you going to expect to be the best on day one. No it’s going to take a couple of weeks before you get better.

And after a month or so you have wanted to make this job seem so hard or that things seem so hard and after you do it time and time again I mean think about it after you’ve been in a job for a year or two years you just go in and you punch the clock you do your thing you leave at 5:00 it becomes repetitive. But when you start or. Is it that you have to build that up it’s quantity over quality when you’re starting out. And then I would say it’s a quality over quantity when you’re later on in a quiet. Don’t be scared to try something new in order to learn. I was watching Roberto Blake and he’s really big on YouTube some of you might know him. 

He kept talking about how everybody talks about making really good quality content and just putting it out like once a week I decided if I’m going to put out really good quality content and make it all perfect then I may not get it out. So wouldn’t it be better just to go ahead and start getting videos out and get my content out there and then see what people like what questions people are asking and how I can improve on it. You know you can’t learn until you actually fail at something. It’s kind of part of being an entrepreneur and if you really want to do this thing you’re going to have to be OK with failing. I’m a perfectionist and it’s really hard for me but I have learned to let go of life. And as you do it gets easier because when you stop worrying you know when you are thinking about videos the whole reason that you’re making the videos is not for you.

The videos are to help someone else or entertain someone else or inspire someone else. Whatever reason you’re making them you’re expecting someone else to view them. So if you’re making them for you it may not be what they want to say. Now there’s going to be a audience for everything so you can find a niche for whatever you want to talk about. There is somebody they want to see hear what you have to say. Trust me. I mean how many times do you meet somebody and you hear them say oh my gosh I know exactly how you feel or you know I’ve been there all along. It’s the same thing online there’s tons of people out there is just you may not have met them before.

So when you’re starting out on your YouTube videos it takes time for those to get better. It’s the same thing with social media. I know people get really frustrated with social media. When I started out I was asking the most weird questions and the more I started to post or starting gate I got a better response from people. And the strange thing that I feel like people don’t get about social media is you’re overthinking it too. If you’ll just treat it like it’s a person in the room with you. Hey I like your shirt. Wow thanks I really like that post you have right there. That tweet that you did or that story that you talked about. I mean it’s the same thing. Start doing it. Start posting and you’re going to get the hang of it.

You’re never going to learn if you don’t start and just do something and get it out there. And I mentioned the systems. This was something I kind of like failed at when I started but when I was in my corporate job I had tons of systems and they always told me how to handle everything. And it was like I had this conveyor belt from when I came in at 9 a.m. until I actually went it frigging seven. 

So, by the time I get in at seven and left at 5:00 I had a system that I had to follow every day and it is the same exact people would call in the same exact stuff what happened and every day at 12:00 I had the same people that I called and were so repetitive it was just that you know the beauty of making videos and being on YouTube or whatever content that you’re trying to put out there for your business your brand you can be unique in it and you can start to figure out what customers like and you may even find that I’ve had products I’ve worked with where they didn’t even realize that they had an audience in a certain age for the same product. They were already in travel and they didn’t realize that they still had an audience for diabetic because their product was a sugar free type supplement and it really opened the doors to a lot of other things.

Once they started putting themselves out there and getting feedback and listening to people. So quality does not trump quantity in the beginning. And like I said Don’t be scared or try something new you’re never going to fire if you don’t try. Don’t join my facebook group it’s a business embracing Facebook group so you can talk about these things and get them off your chest and say hey this is how I’m feeling or I tried this and it didn’t work. And you can all learn from other people that are trying things and hear what’s working for them. That’s really the best way to learn is to try yourself. But also do kind of do some research and see what’s working and you want to be really involved whatever you’re doing if you’re into YouTube videos then you focus on making those better and you focus on that platform if you’re trying to get really good at Twitter than you focus on Twitter.

I mean it should be a daily thing where you are literally like searching the computer and saying how do I get better at Twitter how do I get better at YouTube. If you were at a job are you trying to get a better job every day is the same thing when you’re in YouTube does you have people there your boss that your viewers and they want you to show up and they want you to do a good job and they want to hear what you have to say. They’re coming to you for something inspiration it could be entertaining or it could be educational. But the point is just to make. Quantity over quality and just get it out there. That way you can start improving on.

And one of the things that really helped me with overthinking things is getting organized and having a system of play and something to follow. So for me I try to figure out what the problem is I’m solving and backtrack into it and say OK what are all the puzzle pieces that I’m going to need to lead up to that. So don’t overthink it from the big problem to solve it. Think about it in smaller steps of how I’m going to get there and start putting systems in place to start using. I hope that you learn something today. And we’re going to be putting more of these videos out and trying to go a little bit of a binge.

So join me join our Facebook groups. Describe to me on YouTube and definitely check out the description below. I’m including all my checklist and you can find that in the work with me link but I’m going to include my checklist I included a lot of my downloads and these are things that I’ve literally built myself from failing and trying so you can use them to perfect on your business and they may be perfect for your business. You just have to find what other people are doing and see what’s working for them and report back on it it’s not going to be the same for everybody. So just try to get it out there and put your comments below only hear what questions you have. What are you thinking?

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