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RV Life – RV Living On The Road

RV Life, especially RV Living on the road on the road is not easy. There are rv living pros and cons. How to Live and work in an RV can be hard whether you are living in a camper or living in an rv. Cheap RV living comes with knowledge and experience which I am going to teach you from my own journey in this video.

Hey everybody it’s bloggin brandi of blogginbrandi.com here and we’re out in the winnebago RV today. I figured I would share with you a little bit about my RV because I don’t get to share with you, as much as, I would like to. It’s honestly out of my control because the RV that I’m in right now is technically not mine and there’s a reason for that.

Long story short I purchased this RV it was on the lot for a while and it had a lot of issues so technically right now I’m borrowing it even though I’m paying for it but there’s a new one coming from the factory. When you get a lemon you can learn how to make lemonade with it because I have been wanting to cry practically everyday so I figured why keep hiding it from you.

I want to show you what it’s like to actually be in here so instead of getting to like actually go out and camp I get to hang out in the best place ever because I can’t hook up my RV and boondock because nothing works in here so I get to camp out here and my grandma’s house and thankfully she was kind enough to let me borrow power.

That’s just one of many issues so here trying to get some work done and I was working through some other stuff and had some meetings so I was like well grandma has a hookup so I’ll go over there and hook up with her.

I learned some things and it’s one of the things where I will say make sure when you’re getting ready to buy an RV that you actually look through and do your research because I have been to hell and back with this unit and thankfully they’ve been working with me, but I’m still not 100%.

So one thing that kind of sucks is my air conditioning unit is powered by LP which means that runs off my propane. (One of the things that I wasn’t told when I got this unit, I was told of given the wrong information which is pretty typical) So they tell me that this thing is diesel and that my air conditioned will run off of the diesel well they lied and it will not run off the diesel.

It runs off propane so my generator in a Class B van is off of LP, which means that I have to run my generator if I want to use my refrigerator. I have to run this if I want to have air conditioner. I have to have the propane so propane for the fridge propane air conditioner. I have to have propane if I actually want to cook something on my cooktop, and I have to have propane if I want to cook something in my microwave.

So I would consider this more like a tent on wheels not really an RV because you can’t use it for anything. This is supposed to be for the hot water and the heat but since I don’t have propane I don’t have way to take a shower. The only way I can take a shower or do anything in here means I have to actually be hooked up to shore power, which just based the purpose of RVing.

Which brings me to my next point. So the Rv dealership was like Hey Brandi just go borrow this RV and use it for a while (even though it’s your RV). So you want me to borrowed this RV I sold my house for and my car. I sold everything! It would be safe to consider myself homeless because I don’t have a house or car, and I’m using this one that technically mine right now.

Praying… God please get this on my life I have a tent on wheels

If I want to use that I have to literally go plug up to a campground which means I have to pay more money which defeats the purpose of why I bought the unit to not have to spend money. So, why would I want to go buy essentially like a hotel room for the night, which is the other thing. If I can’t stay in the RV because I’m not a camper sounds like I’m not really into the RV parks, yet I’m trying to learn them.

If you haven’t seen my RV right now, I have like a really nice RV with a porcelain toilet and glass shower which this is not normal to have in your RV unless you pay more money. So, I’ve had a few RVs and I decided to pay a little bit more money on this one.

I mean you can even see I keep the tags on it the tags are all in here because I had this unit literally for like two weeks and had to take it back and every time I get it back and take it out something’s wrong with it so they say hey bring it back and then you know we’ll work on that and then you can have it back again.

So you just want me to keep bringing it back every couple days until I get my new unit?

FYI RV life is not always what it’s cracked up to be and there are some down downsides to it. One of the things I did decide to do in lieu of like how to make this work. When I’m not plugged up is I have this cooler standard hopefully but I uses to keep things cool and I’m walking I’m using that to keep things cool because I can’t use my refrigerator. I use this RTIC cooler. So no fridge no hot water no air conditioning and no way to cook what an RV.

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