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Sales Funnel – How To Build A Sales Funnel Online (Ep 1)

Sales Funnel – How To Build A Sales Funnel Online. Struggling with your internet marketing strategy? Then maybe it is time for you to learn how to create a sales funnel. In this video I’m breaking down the question: “What is a sales funnel?” This is the sales funnel process explained. A carefully planned marketing funnel will turn warm leads into valued customers.

If you want to know how to increase sales and keep customers coming back then you need to understand How to make a funnel better yet how to make a sales funnel. This is a conversion funnel you create to move customers through in order to get them to buy something from you or come back to buy more if they are already a customer.

Still have questions trying to understand “What is a marketing funnel” by the end of this tutorial don’t worry, I am also giving you my sales funnel template in 6 easy steps!

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How To Build A Sales Funnel Online

There was a big game-changer for me in my business. I started out when I quit my corporate job selling on Amazon and eBay, and flipping items that I had bought at Goodwill to make money. What happened was, I was selling on these other platforms, and honestly I started talking to somebody and there was just this lightbulb moment that clicked for me, and changed my business. Let me tell you.


Part 1 – Why You Need A Website

A lot of you are using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, even your Amazon Store or your eBay Store, you’re using these as your website. But what you don’t realize is that you don’t own that content.

That platform, if it disappeared, if they decided to get rid of your product, if anything happens you do not own that content. So it’s really important that you have your own website set up, and it is really not that hard to do.

In this series I’m going to show you the steps to take to get your business set up with your own profile, your online everything.

I ran into someone, and you really wouldn’t have think this person would have taught this to me, but they said something, it was so valuable. They said, “You know, you’re selling on Amazon, you’re selling on eBay, the problem is that these people aren’t coming back to you to buy, you’re just selling random products.”

So I was thinking, “How is my business going to grow?” Well, I needed to either private label or do something else, and actually have a product to sell.


Part 2 – Why You Need An Email List

I started taking those people from Amazon and eBay and putting them on my own email list. Funneling them to my email list when they bought an item, or funneling them to my website to go back and make another buy, but I was trying to get them in one central place to buy from me.

So having a website and online profile allowed that for me, because it was a connection between the dots. Who cares if I just have an Amazon Store or an eBay Store, you know? You’re really limited on what you can offer there. Maybe you have products on there, but you want to offer something else? Don’t you want those people to come back to you to buy more?

And, you can still sell on Amazon and eBay straight from your website. The point is that you need a central location so people know who you are, what you do, and how you can benefit them with your products, your services, whatever it is you’re selling.


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Part 3 – Why You Need A Social Media Funnel

The same thing goes with social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, these are all platforms which you’re using to publish and promote your content but at the same time you need to have a place to bring those people back to. And that’s why I stress either an email list, your website. Technically you should have both, but if you can put people at least on your email list, and you’re showing up week after week with more valuable content then it’s warming them up.

You know, you’re not always selling to them, sometimes you’re just providing value so they know who you are and what you do. And then, when you get ready for a sale those people will be ready to buy from you.

When you’re on a platform, say like Instagram, there’s not really a whole lot to do. There’s only a few options. You have your post, you have your bio, and what’s the one thing that you can click on in the bio? It’s one link, that’s it.

You get one link. You want people to do something, right? What do you think the link’s supposed to do? They can do everything they want on your profile. They can see pictures that you post, and you can put a bio out there, but essentially it’s supposed to link to something more, like maybe who you are, or what you sell. It’s the next step in the process.

Some people use that as a guide for them if they’re a business coach or … You should be drawing people back to your website, your email list, no matter what platform you’re on.

Somebody brought up the question to me the other day and said, “Well what if your website got hacked, or your name got hacked, or you couldn’t access your social profile because you forgot the email?” I know somebody lost access to their Facebook, and really I think it boils down to laziness. But either way, one of the big things that I said was, well, if you have an email list, I mean those platforms can go away anyways. Think about Myspace. I’m pretty sure it’s still around but do you use it? Probably not. And the thing is, if … Even if the platform’s still there it doesn’t mean that the people are there. So you can advertise on that platform all day, but if people aren’t there, and it’s not your audience, and they’re not wanting to buy from you then it kind of defeats the purpose do what you’re doing.

So you’re trying to bring people off of these social platforms onto your email list, onto your website, where you can keep warming up the relationship and they know who you are. You already are in front of them. It’s a face, it’s a warm brand where they can see, “Oh, I already know this person.” So you’re building a relationship with them by bringing them into your world.


Part 4 – The Sales Funnel Process Explained

Are you starting to get the hang of this sales funnel thing? Does it make sense, what I’m talking about? If so, hit the Like button and let me know that this is making sense. If not, please put a comment below and we can talk about it. But, just keep following me, it will make sense by the end of this, I promise.

When you’re creating your sales funnel it takes time, it’s really about trial and error, and seeing what people respond to. So you have to know what you’re selling.

What is it that you’re selling? And if you want them to come and engage with you, and get on your email list, get onto your website, you have to think, “Okay, I’m selling them something, now I want them to join my email list, or buy something and/or get on my email list.” So they can get on your email list different ways.

They can buy something and join your email list, or you can put them on your email list and warm them up to buy from you later on. But the whole point is to get that relationship going so that you can kind of either get feedback on a product that they buy from you, or the service that you’re selling.

Or, if you haven’t sold the service yet it will help you create the content for selling the service, because as you start to talk to people you learn what they’re having problems with, what their pain points are, and you start to get feedback from them so that you can create whatever it is that you’re going to sell to them.

Either way you’re trying to get your customer, your viewer to sign up or buy something. After that point, they need to know what the next step in the process is. So if they land on your content, whether it be a video, a social media post, however it is you’re promoting your store. If they buy a product from you you can always put something in the package and lead them back to your store. Or, if it’s a service and you have your email funnel, you can continuously keep selling to these people.

On the first email it might just be a welcome. On the second email it might be tips and tricks, or some tools to help them get started. It can be an email funnel that you’ve put them in. It’s a constant, gradual relationship that you’re continuously showing up for, over and over again. And you’re trying to help your customer, or potential customer, solve some kind of problem, and they’re looking to you for the next step, and the next step, and the next step. So you’re solving something for them, they just may not know it.


Part 5 – You Are Not Always Selling

Think about it like this. Show up, provide value. Show up, provide value. Show up, provide value. Provide value, value, value. Show up, show up, show up. Then ask them to buy. Do not blast people with links when they hit you up on social media, or say, “Check out my book. Check out my content. Look at my website.” If someone did that to you, you’re not going to want to buy. Think about it, when you’re going through the mall and those people are holler at you, “Hey, come here, come here. Try this, try this, try this.” What do you do? The first thing you do is say. “Oh my gosh. Nope, I’m busy. Oh, sorry, thank you.” And you just keep walking on by, you know? Seriously, it’s like, “Oh no, thank you, I’m good, thank you.”

No, you’re not going to buy from somebody that does that to you, so why are you doing it to someone else? It doesn’t make sense, so stop doing it. Stop doing it. Stop spamming people, and start building a relationship with someone if you want them to buy from you and be a long time customer of your business, your brand, your product, service, whatever it is that you want to sell them. Whether it be something right now or something later, it needs to be a relationship. This isn’t just a business where you’re shoving products down their throat.


Part 6 – When Do You Pitch The Sale

I want you to just think about this whether you have your content planned out or not. It’s all a puzzle. You’re giving them pieces of the puzzle. If they haven’t bought from you yet, the catch is that you want them to buy at some point so you need to be giving them a piece of the puzzle here, a piece of the puzzle there, but not everything at one time because you want them to come back and want more. So if you give everything away they don’t need to buy anything from you. So there is a fine line between it, but I’m going to teach you and go more into this throughout the series, but just to give you a formula so it maybe will help you think about this is in a different light.

So when you’re getting ready to share your content, think about backing into the problem. So whatever you’re selling is the How, and that’s going to be your paid item, whatever it is. That is the big thing.

What are you selling? Is it your service? Is it a product? What is it that you’re selling? You’re going to give them the pieces of the puzzle but not the actual How. When you’re sharing your content you’re going to share with them either the What or the Why.

If you know what you’re selling, then the rest is easy. You’re giving away the What and the Why for why people need to come and follow you, or buy your product, what they’re going get from you, what benefit they’re going to get from you, and this product or service that you’re selling.

All of this is free, these are pieces to the puzzle. It might be a video that you put out, it might be a social media post that you put out, it might be a blog post that you put out. But these are all pieces to the puzzle where you’re trying to filter people in to your system, which is your email funnel, and you’re building them up for the buy.

The What and the Why is what you’re telling them, which is free. And essentially at the end of this you’re going to have the paid product, which is your How.

So if they were coming to you to bake cookies, then you’re going to show them, hey, here’s the steps that you need to bake the cookies, and I’m going to give you a download where you can get the ingredients that you need for the cookies. But if you want me to actually show you and help you prepare this then you’re going to have to download my cookie baking class. And it could be something that you sell for like $19.99.

So I wouldn’t put a full blown tutorial out there because then they don’t need the next step, unless it is something bigger. So if it’s not a big deal for you to show them really quick how to cook things, or you know, one, two, three steps, then that’s fine. But you just don’t have to go into so much detail when you’re showing them the What and the Why and going through the process. If they want that next step they actually have to buy from you.


What’s Next?…

Teaching you about the sales process and how to start building this, and why you need an email list, a website, what these things entail. In order to get set up on these, I have created a cheat sheet and said, “Hey, if I started over today, what would I do, and how would I start my business or any business idea?” Whether it be a blog, vlog, a YouTube channel, any website, I sat down and said, “Okay, if I had a product or service idea, what would I start over with in selling this product of mine?”

Created this cheat sheet, there are six easy steps in the download below, so make sure and get it. It’s going to help you get your business, start it up, and on point from literally start to finish. It is how to get it set up, how to get your email, and then all the process for your social media, your analytics, and everything that you need, as well as tools and resources that I use.

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