Welcome to my official online vlog & website!


There is nothing more satisfying than seeing an “a-ha” moment happen in real life. That is why I love speaking and interacting with live audiences.

Others are able to ask me questions and get real genuine feedback. Plus, I share secrets with my live audiences I don’t share with the masses. These are little nuggets of knowledge you won’t get anywhere else. I put my all into speaking engagements to ensure that the audience is both entertained and informed.

I’ve spoken to a variety of crowds. Catering to all levels, I’m committed to bringing my best to your event. Here are a few topics to choose from and I welcome your ideas:


Video Marketing & YouTube Strategies
Personal & Business Branding
Customer Service & Relationship Management
Sales Tips & Strategies
Digital Social Media Marketing


Please send me an email via brandi@blogginbrandi.com with inquiries or fill out the form below.