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Start FLAUNTING your FREEDOM to impact others in a “HUGE” way


Do you allow others to tell you the truth or train them to be better liars?

Fact: If you want better relationships your reactions must change.

Everyone reacts differently in a given situation because of what’s inside their heart. Different people have different reactions because of the different baggage, relationships, or backgrounds that they have experienced.

Maybe you don’t always react the right way or do the right thing. But, if you feel uneasy then it’s the perfect opportunity to change.

Why should you care?

New job, new friend, relationship — even think about people witnessing or watching children. If you truly want the world to be a better place, then keep in mind others learn by observing your actions and reactions.


Regardless, of if it’s a short-term or long-term gig you should want all of the knowledge and experiences you have acquired to shine through even in your demeanor.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. — Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Do you scream, play silent games, or stay calm, walk away, and think before you act? Even when you know something is wrong, timing is important.


Knowledge is Power

Having knowledge is powerful. The freedom to exercise that power comes at a cost. You should learn how to love others and respond how you would want to be treated.




Your FREEDOM should be less important to you. Start exercising love in your actions, reactions and attitude.


Teach others with Love

Next time you have a bad day or someone ask you to do something you are not comfortable doing, teach them what is acceptable. Your reaction shows who you are, in terms of character, and gives others a great role model for how to act.

Even the things you text or say are teachable moments. If you use foul language then don’t be surprised when someone drops an F* bomb in your conversation like it’s no big deal.

You never know by whom or how your messages are being perceived

Plus, you should never want to cause someone else to mess up, get in trouble or hinder them in anyway because of your lack of love for others.



Develop a Sensitive Conscience

Learn to have a more sensitive conscience to how others perceive you and your day today endeavors and engagements.

How are you using your talents and knowledge to influence others? Or better yet, how are you teaching others to treat you?

I once heard someone say, “If more women kept their legs closed, more men would be married. Women have way more power than they think.”

Isn’t it interesting to see how someone acts when you are around, but how they turn into a different person say in front of their parents. Or, how funny is it to see peoples’ online personality and life versus reality?

Don’t be proud of your maturity or knowledge and don’t flaunt your freedom. Act in love, so that you don’t cause any one else to stumble in the wrong direction or hinder them in someway.




What ever happened to Self Discipline?

We start to grumble when our attention shifts from what we have to what we don’t have. What or who is leading you? To answer this ask yourself: What occupies your attention most of the time?

Be Grateful for what you have don’t be consumed by what you would like to have. These unfulfilled desires can come in many shapes and forms throughout life: family, friends, food, health, work.

Remember the lessons of your past and take a break from today’s worldly pressures. You must learn to filter out the good from the bad.




What filters do you put in place, in your own life? I don’t have cable and could probably live without TV as I rarely watch it. On rare occasions when I do look at “Popular Shows,” I am shocked at what people waste their lives doing with their time.

Is there something or someone you spend too much time worrying about or something that you spend too much time doing?

Put Filters in your life

If you want to mature and have the life you desire you must start taking productive step setting up your own filters and self-discipline regimen TODAY.

We all have some dream where we want our future career or relationships to be. So, why not take productive steps today, not tomorrow, or next week to facilitate you towards your future goals?

Everyone has good, as well as, bad desires and those all have consequences.




Self discipline and development allows you to:

  1. Recognize situations and people toxic or that may lead to trouble.
  2. Run from wrong — always choose right. Evaluate the short-term gain vs the long-term consequences.
  3. Seek the company of the life you want. We are the company we keep.


The magic stuff starts to happen when you take a step back to look at yourself and make voluntary small bite-size necessary changes. Why? — Because you can’t change anyone else but yourself.


Your decisions have a ripple effect.

Are you making a positive or negative impact on people? Your job? In your family? With your spouse?

Do you ever question others motives or consider the pros and cons of dating or hanging out with certain people? What about where you work or who you engage with while at work and better yet how you engage in those relationships?

The people we associate with have a huge impact on us subconsciously.

Even what you watch and listen to when you sleep subconsciously has an impact on you. Experiments Show We Really Can Learn While We Sleep.

Can you imagine what you absorb when you are just working, searching online, on a day today. What you may subconsciously take in?

Subconscious Marketing tactics are used to increase sales. There’s a reason that salesperson is being rude. Increasingly sophisticated consumer research shows that if she disses you, you’ll spend more.


Those who say I don’t need help or change usually are the ones who need it the most.




Are you ready to start looking at yourself? Who or what do you put your trust in? Do you aim to please yourself power, pleasure, prestige? Things you buy — look at your bank statement. Check your social media wall, your text messages, and recent phone calls. Evaluate your circle of friends, and your material possessions.

Do you know your life is it not where you want it to be? Or, do you have a tendency to follow the desires of the crowd? The Goal isn’t to worry, but to be conscious of how your actions and attitude things you say are affected and perceived by others.

If you want someone to change do you nag and complain? How do you express those feelings? Would that make you want to change?


Give control to get more of it

In order to get control, (which is what you want) you must give control — which is what they want with, limitations of course.

For example a child you teach them everything and then send them off to fend for themselves when they turn 18. Or look at a bird’s motherly loving, they just push them out of the next and hope they can fly!

Some actions may be normally acceptable or not necessarily wrong in themselves. However, you never know what someone else is struggling with or what baggage they bring to the table from past relationships, and what they have suffered from growing up.

Why would you want to hurt someone else anyways?

They say what comes around goes around. You reap what you sow. What seeds are you sowing in your own life?

Do you focus on others instead of yourself? You can’t enjoy your own life when you’re focused on everyone else.

Don’t go looking for problems? If you look you will find.

Are you oversensitive or maybe fearful worried about all the “what if’s.” You can’t fear displeasing everyone, by being a yes person trying to gain approval from others.




In my eyes there is only one person that matters and if you are doing what you know is right then others may push back or be offended. But, making the good of others our primary goal will allow us a serving attitude contagious to those around.

Take care of you — self development takes self-discipline. If you spend all your energy on others, you won’t have anything left for yourself.

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