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Tomorrow is NO Guarantee: The Benefits of Today

I swear if I read another article on “Procrastination…”

You ever notice when you buy a new car all of the sudden everyone else seems to have purchased the same new whip? What about when you are going through a difficult time and every song on the radio seems to scream your name?

I have this problem with reading. I become obsessed with whatever it is I am into i.e. marketing, writing better, how to make my content stand out, the next blog post idea or place I am about to travel. I begin to see everything in tunnel vision.

I begin to dive into the reading and scribble down ideas for hours and hours. I feel like I am the smartest person by the end of the day and can honestly say I learn something new, beneficial each and every day.


#1. The Problem is I never do a lot of this thing called ACTION

Actions speak louder than words!

Everyday it is like I waste so much time learning but never doing. So I decided to write about just that. I said to myself I wanted to post one post a day (plus Yann Girard gave me some pretty good advice if I want to be successful).


#2. The Problem is I do A LOT of Actions but not the one’s that will make me successful. I focus on the wrong things.

I started to ask myself what is it that takes up so much of my time and the crazy thing was I have been doing a lot. And, I have been learning a lot, but not applying, as much as, I was taking in.

I also get into these “mind funks” where I think I have to do everything at one time from completing task to applying every possible marketing idea to my content.


So what is the solution?

Well it’s logic is quite simple however the enforcing of it’s principles can be over complicated by one’s own analytical thinking.

Tim Ferriss talks about this and gives a great piece of advice: Each day there should only be 2 MUST DO items on your to-do list. The rest are of course important but if you only complete those two task then you have the rest of the day to focus on the less important task that are also less detrimental to your success.

Simple, right? Almost, the catch is you have to pick out the TWO task that are responsible for 80% of the results you have from the 20% of effort you put in. So to rephrase that the catch is to stop wasting time on small task that won’t get you where you need to be and put more effort into the vital task.




  • “80% of output is produced by 20% of input”
  • “80% of outcomes are from 20% of causes”
  • “80% of contribution comes from 20% of the potential contribution available”
  • “20% of clothes in a wardrobe are worn 80% of the time”
  • “20% of the tools in a toolbox are used in 80% of tasks”
  • “20% of the energy use in a household will offer 80% of the potential energy savings”

So for me as a blogger I would tell myself this piece of advice:

Nobody wants to be friends with someone who only talks about oneself

Now… I’m off to finish my 20% for the day. Do you put your effort into the 80% small non-essential task or the 20% vital ones?

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