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Top 3 Things To Include On Your Website


Top 3 Things To Include On Your Website // Things To Put On Your Website. Struggling with web design and how to build a website? Do you know what should be on the homepage of a website? You don’t have to be a website builder to start a website. But, you do need to have a website and somewhere to funnel all of your marketing efforts. The first place visitors land is on your homepage. In this website tutorial, I’m teaching you things to include on your business website.

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Tell Your Story

When I got started I had no idea what I was doing. But it did turn into a business and I’m going to show you how to do it for yourself. The first step to setting up a business or branding yourself online is to make sure that you have a website. This is your online profile and your resume to the world. There’s tons of different ways that you can do this but no matter what way you choose they should all include the same information or at least the basics you need a central location where others can come to find out more about you.

And it should tell them who you are what you do and how they can contact you. This is going to be your name, bio, location. You’re going to give them information about yourself. If you have a product or service that you offer, you’re going to make sure an list that in your website or on your Website so that people know what it is that you offer.


Give People A Way To Stay In Touch

You want to have a way for them to contact you. So this can be through email, phone. I would also include my social handles so people can reach out to you on social media and contact you that way and that also helps build awareness for your brand. When they’re contacting you off of your Web site and learning more about you. I have a lot of people that I follow across all the platforms and they normally will follow me back as well.


Give Them The Benefits

This website or your building is essentially just an online digital resume. But ultimately people are coming to find out how you can benefit them in order to stick around and either sign up or buy whatever it is they want to know what benefit are you bringing to them.

If it’s the product that you sell or a service that you provide they want to know what it is and that’s why it’s really important to target the right audience so when they land on your page is people that are actually looking for the information that you provide. It’s going to benefit them that they’re going to want to invest their time or their money into the next step of the process and go along this journey with you. That’s what you’re doing is building a story behind your brand with your website and your content. If you think about it when you go to get a job or you’ve had a job interview and they say bring your resume is because they want to see you like what you’ve done what you’ve accomplished.

What are your skills, your expertise, and essentially like if you can benefit their organization that’s why they look and say you know what is your objective of being here. So everyone has that same one to grow and whatever they put on there. But honestly I would put yourself into your website and really give them a look at who you are and what you do and show them a person behind that business that brand that face and a personality. Should I say because people really love stories and they love to follow people who have a story. Because a lot of times they can relate. And as people change and go through their life they find people that they can kind of relate to and they follow them. You know I’m sure that’s why some of you follow me and that’s why I say just make sure they are always building your brand and your relationship with these people it’s not just you know buy my product buy my product it’s always providing value first which is why I said they want to know who you are when they come to your website and they also want to know how you can benefit them at the end of the day which is what you need to be conveying in your message to them.


What’s Next…

Now you know how to set up your website and I’m telling you the cheapest, easiest, and fastest ways to get started. Going through that process in this tutorial and again if you’re having trouble getting started it could be because you don’t have all of the pieces of the puzzle. I’m giving you all of this in a nice checklist that you can follow along with below. 

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