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What To Sell Online – Where To Buy Items To Resell (Part 3)

What To Sell Online & Where To Buy Items To Resell

Today, I’m going to show you how I started shopping at Goodwill, flipping those items online for cash, and eventually, make enough money to turn my side hustle into a full time career. So if you’re looking for some extra cash and want to get started with items you may already have around the house, then this is for you.


Tip #1 New stuff is the best stuff.

I always like to check to see if the product is  Factory sealed. When I go to the store what I do most of the time is throw a bunch of stuff in a buggy then I come back and check it out. So we’ll just toss it in the basket then find out what it is later.

Make sure the seal is not broken on any products.  If you try to resell items with broken seals it’s going to be hard to do because the tamper seal is broken. So I would prefer not to.

A good reselling example would be Huggies diapers. Huggies children’s stuff always on point, but these are diapers. Diapers are pretty expensive, these are $1.91 for what is that three? These are Little Movers, these are the big brand here. Two diapers, okay well we’ll check these because they’re new. That’s the only reason we’re going to check them.

Okay so we’ll go back to the other aisle but children’s toys, that’s what I look for. Anything with tags or new is what I try to get, but if it’s vintage, you may be more into kids than me, so like these toys called Ganz, I don’t know what they are but they sell like hot cakes. Only if they’re new, I mean you got to look at these things. If they’re dirty you got to clean them. This is what I would look for. I just go through this stuff real quick and I go through shelf by shelf because I’m like a pro at this. Beanie Babies, sometimes you can find them, like this right here has a tag on it so PJ Tots Fanny Froggy. I have a feeling this is not worth any money, but I’m going to put in the thing anyways. I check all this stuff before I leave, but I don’t know, everybody’s different. For me I don’t like people to know what I’m doing too, so if you know something’s worth money and you know you can make money off of it or you know you can resell it, I would just buy it and take it.

Okay, six flags. Somebody won this at Six Flags, that’s not worth anything. Okay, these minis, I’ve actually sold these and I know they’re worth money, and we’re going to buy her only because I know that we’re probably going to pay a dollar for her and she’s worth like 15. Look for some of these dolls, like it’s weird, I mean with moccasins on it. Tags, I look for tags. That’s Publix, okay nobody’s buying anything from Publix. Okay, these things are worth money but I don’t know if they’re worth anything with their tags off, but we’ll try it.
Thomas the Train, look he’s in a box here. Thomas the Train is broken, so not going to buy that. Just kidding. Coffee café puzzle has been opened before. Anything new? New, new anything new? Here sprout is new, what is this? Sprout sharing, oh it’s a puzzle. Any bar code?

Okay, so that’s the other thing I notice is there’s no bar code on it, but I don’t really know kids brands that well, you may, it could be a loss though, got to think about those things when you’re buying. Monopoly, My First Monopoly game, we’ll get that. This right here, My Amazing, okay this is backwards and I can tell by the way that it’s in there that it’s been opened before. Alright this is new, put that in. Okay this has never been opened, ultimate version, never been opened. You can tell if puzzles have been opened because their sealed on the back. If it is labeled Greenbrier it means it’s from the Dollar Store, so FYI if you try to sell it for more than a dollar probably just going to laugh at you.

People buy this stuff, believe it or not. This stuff right here that’s never been opened, this Honeywell. Someone may buy it. I know it seems weird but somebody may buy that honestly. Seasonal aisle stay away from.
Right, do you want me to do this stuff first?
Yeah, what we got here like $50?

Now you know one of the four steps to getting your side hustle started making some extra cash. Eventually you’ll be on your way to quitting your job and making this a full time career, but if you want to get started with the full tutorial today and be one step closer to generating some extra income, then click on the link and the description below to download it now. If you like this video make sure to hit the like button below, share it with your friends and be sure to subscribe. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.