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Why being selfish will help you achieve CEO status…

Do you ever stop to think? I know some people who’s entire life is absorbed with sports, music, social media, their cell phone, or some other mindless activity.

I had a conversation with someone the other day who I asked, “do you not ever think.” They replied, “no not really, maybe in the shower.” — the same person who also told me they want to get rid of their phone all together or leave it behind when they go on trips. Yet, they walk around day in and day out consumed by what is going on with their phone.

The world has become obsessed with technology. I swear if I have another conversation with the top of someones’ head I am going to blow!


People always seem lost in the moment forget all the chaos going on around them— drowned by all the “noise.”

I love waking up at 4am just to sit outside, listen and gather my thoughts in silence.

It’s that time to reflect on yesterday and plan to do better today.

Why do some people always feel the need to be “plugged” in

I remember growing up I was the only kid that didn’t play sports. Instead I watched every other child I knew always being drug around to some kind of after school activity. It was like the only thing they were allowed to do was play sports.

Also, my best friend in high school had a project she called “getting out-of-the-box.” Let me remind you the town we lived in was miles from any type of civilization — I’m a country girl 🙂

Anyways, we spent every weekend visiting a new mall for several months. Her point was to show me a different life.

Let me remind you she came from a wealthy family. But, what it did for me was give me dreams of something bigger. Something different, and boy did it ever change my views on life.

I’ve always felt there was something more. The next big thing like where I am in my life is never good enough. And, as if I am never good enough for anyone — my life, relationships, career…

But, recently I started taking time to actually be present slow down and think before, during and after I act, speak or react.




Sometimes my thoughts have brought me to tears. I get upset at all the years of my life I have wasted by not slowing down to be present. But, those experiences have allowed me to live a life most will continue to only dream of.


Take a selfish second

I encourage you to stop, take a step back, cancel your plans to be alone. Read a book, take a bath, start a journal, and reminisce in your thoughts.

Come to terms and deal with your emotions you have been brushing under the rug for so long. Take some time to organize all of those goals, thoughts, and crazy ideas you always have. Take a deep breath. Maybe take a trip — alone.

Once you realize that you can turn off the noise without the world ending, you’re liberated in a way that few people ever know. — Tim Ferriss (Author and Entrepreneur)

Do you take time away from everyone and everything? Do you take time to reflect on yourself and how you can improve? What is it that helps keep you present during the day’s activities?

You never know you may have your next BIG idea, when you take a second to SEE the BIGGER picture! Want your relationships or job to get better? Take a time out to reflect on where you can improve.

If you need more motivation take it from the CEO’s themselves check out: The Daily Habit Of These Outrageously Successful People & There Are Always a Million Distractions. Here’s How to Silence the Noise and Pay Attention.





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