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Why I told my accountant to go F* himself and you should too


Hold up, what?  Did you just tell me (your customer) that I wasn’t worth $&!% to you? Yeah, this was what my accountant said to me on the phone yesterday.

“I don’t make any money off of you”

Who do you think you are? And, where in the heck did you get the idea you could talk to me like that?


Let Me Back Up

Okay, first off I was referred to you by someone else because they said you were really good and saved them a lot of money. Secondly, the person that referred me is a multi-million dollar client.

I couldn’t believe the level of disrespect this accountant had shown me. I mean — I brought you my taxes the 1st of March (taxes are not due until APRIL!) And, all you have to do is throw my numbers in a return because I GIVE YOU EVERY LINE ITEM. (aka you don’t have to do any work)

So, come April I want to know why my measly tax return is not done? Fair question one would assume, but of course the response I get is that he hasn’t gotten to it.


I replied “Look, I’m a good client and I know what it takes to put a return together (more on this later…) plus I gave you everything a month ago, so that I could get my tax return done early.” This dude didn’t disagree. Within a few days he told me I would be getting a refund this year (YAY!) and that he would suggest filing an extension since I had a few loose ends.

Conveniently, the only reason I had to file an extension is because you didn’t do your job from the start, which is why my taxes were not touched until April. Secondly, the person that referred me told me they just gave you their taxes in April and you mysteriously had them completed in record time.

Still scratching my head…


Fast Forward

We filed an extension, which gives me until October to complete my taxes. Not exactly what I was trying to do, but those loose ends I mentioned were some BIG deductions I needed on my return. Not to mention these required some more in depth work on my part.

April came and went I tried to follow back up and see where we were. I was still waiting on my accountant to send me the return he had “supposedly” prepared. After weeks of emails and unanswered calls, I finally got a response:

“Completely booked this week have been swamped with urgent IRS cases and financial reporting for clients like… (the multi-million dollar entrepreneur who referred you to me). Will get to you next week.”

I couldn’t really tell you how I was feeling back then, but I don’t think words would be very good for my character.

Two months later, I finally got my “draft” return. I was told I needed to gather some documents and get back to him before…..October (When the taxes he told me to extend were due).


Your Customer Service SUCKS

So here I am, I have gathered all my tax info gave it to my accountant early then waited on him to file an extension and waited on him to get me a copy of my return for review and now he is BLOWING UP MY email and phone asking me why I haven’t responded to him. Oh and, why I begged you to tell me the status of my return, yet now I am acting bizarre.


The Final Straw

I was sitting at my desk and saw ANOTHER email come in.

“I need you to fill out this form”

Uggg… okay, let me explain this to you again. I am the client you are the accountant. I pay you for a service and you are suppose to act in my best interest, as well as, advise me based on your “years” of knowledge how to complete this return. Or, at least get you the most accurate info for your to complete it… whatever.


That means:

I pay you to fill out the form.

I didn’t really say it this harsh to him, although I should have. But, after he informed me he charged me $75 to complete a page for me, and if I was going to have an additional page (not form) added he would charge me another $75. I could file the same return (since I did all the work for the most part already) for way less than $1,000 which is where this bill was headed. Again, his bill for $75 is NOT PER FORM — it is PER PAGE.

And, MY TAXES ARE NOT DUE UNTIL OCTOBER it is JULY (this was his choice again)

I was in udder shock… so in this one conversation (yesterday) I was informed I wasn’t worth $$$ or his time and that he was ripping me off. Oh, and he thinks he “fired” me from his client list.


Who is laughing now

You know it’s funny how word travels. I don’t think he even knows what reality is about to set in. I don’t say this in pure evil, but as a testament to how

you should treat others the way you want to be treated

and remember someone else is always listening or watching.

My EX-accountant obviously hates his job and doesn’t take his clients confidentiality seriously. I’ve watched this guy from day one, but something always seemed a little off.

I don’t speak from a soap box without prior experience. I worked as an accountant during college and prepared tax returns in record speed. (I just wanted someone current on the tax laws to review my return before it was files.) I’m not sure what planet this guy has been living on, but that attitude and shady business practices will be brought to light in due time.

Do you NOT think I am going to tell all of this or uhhhhh that I have already been telling others about this shotty work and attitude to others aka your other client who referred me?


The storm is coming

You’re about to get a huge wake up call. I don’t take disrespectful treatment lightly. Usually, you will never know how I work or that I am the one responsible for your disaster. That’s how I roll.

Revenge is best served cold

It’s not really revenge just karma. Don’t be alarmed when your client list steadily declines. Don’t be alarmed when your multi-million dollar client started having questions of his own.


The worse part is…

The client who referred me never knew anything was sketchy until I shined a light on this guy. Now we are looking at his bills and trying to figure out what he was really charged for. We are seeing so many red flags that had always been there, but now have came to light.


Moral of the story:

  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated —  no matter what they have or don’t have aka how much money they will bring you or not bring you because people talk and tell others about their experiences.
  2. Don’t assume the professionals you hire (accountants, financial advisors, doctors, etc… ) know everything. You need to have some knowledge of whatever it is you have going on, as well as, some checks and balances to make sure things are what they say or seem they are.

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